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Patchwork Gardens

Posted by on Nov 17, 2018

Almost a Home Ground… Technically, this fly-site is the closest to my house of anywhere I fly, but despite one very successful flight here around 5 years ago with my Discovery Pro, I have been reticent to return because I don’t want to worry or harass the gardeners by flying there too often. The last thing I would want is for them to think I am spying on them, or up to anything nefarious, so I always go and talk to at least a few people of whoever is there and ask if they mind if do some aerial photography. Everyone has been very kind so far. Flight Planning...

Lammas Land Spin Glides

Posted by on Nov 17, 2018

Losing Light… Over in Godalming again visiting Mum, so paused on the way to go grab some dusk footage from the Lammas Lands, this time from the ‘Farncombe’ side of it. It’s another huge wide-open space largely devoid of people, except the odd dog walker, and this makes it a similarly great place to fly as the other side of the road is. Safe and legally distant from structures, but close enough to a built-up area to get some decent views of the town. Light wasn’t on my side this time – it was failing fast at only 4.30 pm or so, but I got there and set up...

St Peters at Terwick

Posted by on Nov 17, 2018

Location location… I have often seen the sign to St Peters church just off the A272 in Hampshire, near Terwick, but until recently hadn’t ventured down there to do any flyings. But recently I was visiting a friend out that way who was staying in a local farm cottage, and we went walking about and found the church, and a nice little field out the back of it, and some very attractive Autumn colours. Just one really quick flight here, so didn’t feel I fully did it justice, but I will be back during Winter to get a slightly better view of the church, which I think would look...

Speedy wheels

Posted by on Oct 30, 2018

Wheel-cam is go… I ride this all the time, but have rather given up making videos about it because having found the good ones I tend to repeat a lot of my routes, which doesn’t make for interesting video if you’ve seen it all before… but hey ho, someone asked, so I knocked out another one. Speedy speedy This is quite a fast run into town on the cycle path, round the town a bit, then the church, then round the lake, sped up x4 later, which does get a lot of distance traveled into not much time, but we pay a price in quality – Youtube really hates...

Ashford Hangers

Posted by on Oct 19, 2018

250 yards further… Exciting new fly site time ! I’ve lived in Petersfield for at least 10 years, and have known about Stoner Hill and Ashford Hangers for most of that, but recently my good friends Matt & Joolz told me about a viewpoint I had never found in all that time, so today I set out on a mission to find it, and when I did I was rewarded by one of the best potential fly sites I’ve seen for a while ! And it is a mission to get there – I have to drive all the way to the end of Litten Lane, a fabulously unmaintained...

Butser Hill South

Posted by on Oct 19, 2018

If at first you don’t succeed… …go back again and have another go. Last time I was here, the sun had already gone down, I inexplicably had an ND4 filter on, and had to set ISO way high, so footage was quite bad and trees got turned to mush – eurgh. So this time, I’ve got there an hour earlier, and all my ND filters remain in the bag, and things are looking much better for it… also less wind today, so that’s nice. The Road to the Top This is one of the fields that lines the main road up to the summit of Butser, but I’m saving...

Godalming High Rise

Posted by on Oct 19, 2018

Flying Back Home New Fly-site time again, and this time we’re in my former home town of Godalming, where we have time for 2 slow panning rises from carefully selected locations around the town. First up is quite a high base, on Busbridge Recreation field, where we get a decent early evening view of the town from the top of the hill, and then we’re down on the Lammas Lands, one of the only safe and legal places to fly close to the town center, and this one really is very rewarding in the afternoon light, being as we are right on the river and right next to the...

Interactive Photo Panoramas

Posted by on Oct 7, 2018

Just a quick post to introduce a new page here at aerocam central… Presenting the Panoramas… Just the 4 so far but many more on the way soon hopefully… Fully interactive, you can drag and roll the middle wheel to zoom. Don’t forget to full-screen for maximum resolution. Aero...

Heath Lake South

Posted by on Oct 4, 2018

Back from the brink… It’s good to be back on ‘Heath fly-site No.2 – I’ve been back here before since my return to the hobby, but we had video problems last time so I never published anything on that session. Indeed, there has been an unexpected gap in the flyings for about a month, because I had to send my camera back to Yuneec, and there was a lot of to and fro about what might or might not be wrong with it. They think there is nothing wrong, yet it continues to exhibit the ‘dimming flash’ problems in all 4K modes except one. Fortunately we have discovered that...

West Meon Valley

Posted by on Oct 4, 2018

The best -laid plans… It was a perfect Saturday afternoon – minimal wind, lots of bright sun, and I was out on a flying mission, having been told by a friend about how excellent Old Winchester Hill was. It sounded like the perfect place to fly ! Imagine my disappointment when I got there, having driven for about an hour, only to discover their ‘No Drones’ signs. Very disappointing that once again the most picturesque areas of the countryside are off-limits to the people best equipped to promote them. I didn’t contribute to their parking fund, and left to see what the landscape was like a mile down the...

Guildford Hill Glides

Posted by on Aug 28, 2018

Urban Sprawl Guildford was long overdue a visit from me, so pleased to be back on a sunny, windy afternoon to fly old aerial haunt The Mount, to the West of the town, and new fly site Pewley Down on the East, where we can get some pretty cool views of the town from way high, at a good safe distance, and do it all nice and legally. Not that this meant I was entirely safe, as it transpired… Location Location The first of today’s fly sites was an unknown quantity, but I had done my pre-flight research well, and had a very good idea of what was what...

Hampshire High Rise

Posted by on Aug 28, 2018

The Road to the Top I wasn’t planning on doing this flight, but my target fly site for this afternoon (a deserted building site) wasn’t looking very possible when I got there, so I found myself driving out of town and into the high hills of Hampshire looking somewhat opportunistically for somewhere new to fly… tried loads of places, but each location I explored had something about it that dissuaded me. Pylons, livestock, tree cover, access, rules etc, so on I went, again and again for about an hour and a half ! Scout Mode… Pretty much random chance intervened, and on the way generally back in a homeward...