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Posted by on May 11, 2015 in Blog, Video

2015 Test Flights 2 and 3

Higher, Faster, Longer

Yep, it’s a double entry for test flights 2 and 3, which went on last week in the gaps between all that mental wind. The Naza-M V1 (v2.12 software) continues to fly perfectly, and film beautifully, and my ongoing battery tests are re-familiarising me with what keeps me in the air and for how long, so I am gaining confidence that I still have a pretty much perfectly optimized aerial rig I can start to set on some decent photo missions without worry.

The GoPro4 Black Edition does OK, but if I’m honest, not as well in some respects as its predecessor the 3+ which seems to give a better average light setting, and records arguably higher quality footage than the 4 does at high frame rates. It’s battery also does better, although with only 4 power packs, giving around 25 mins of flight, camera¬†power isn’t a problem.

We do have a cable that’s gone intermittent – the flyout cable that connects to the GoPro from the IMU, though this isn’t a major problem in that I can still switch to the other onboard cam. I’ve ordered another one.

So, test flight 2 was out in the open fields of Penns Place, where I could start to get a bit more height and range, and not have to worry about people or buildings (well, just the one). All went well there, so then it was off to Elsted for the next round.