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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Blog

AC1 Discovery Gets An Upgrade…

AC1 Discovery Gets An Upgrade…

The DJI Naza-M flight controller does a damn fine job of keeping my quad upright, and fighting the most piercing of winds to remain where I put it in the sky. My TPPacks camera mount does an admirable job of eliminating ‘jello effects’, which are video artefacts caused by the vibrations of the 4 rotors.

But all my footage to date lacks that real sense of professional smoothness I am aiming for.

No matter how smoothly I fly, I just can’t get rid of the movements and wobbles caused by fighting the wind, and flight controller stabilisation. To do that, I need a camera gimbal, like this one.


XAircraft CMGoPro-TP Dual Axis Stabilized Camera

This will absorb the majority of smaller shakes and bounces that flight generates, and assuming my flying continues to get smoother and less ‘flingy’, then we should be on the road to broadcast quality video.

Of course if you have a gimbal like that, you have to also have some landing gear so it can mount to the quad properly…

F450 / 550 Carbon Fibre landing gear

Here is some video shot with this setup


That lot’s coming over from Ali at, so build nightmare ahead (both parts come as kits, probably with no instructions).

The things we do in the pursuit of a smoother ride…