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Currently running <3 airships, and a couple of trainer quads.

AC3 coming soon…

AC2 – Discovery Pro

Once I start seriously travelling about to film things, I will need something a lot smaller and more portable than AC1, which is nearly a meter wide and non-foldable.

Custom landing gear extensions from my original quad...

Black Hawk. Hopefully not down.

Enter the TBS Discovery Pro, a 450 seeker style quad, loaded with the following:

  • TBS Discovery Frame, motors, ESC
  • Graupner Elektro 9 x 5 Props
  • GoPro 3 Black Edition
  • Brushless, absorption-mounted camera gimbal.
  • 5 x 4-5000 mah Turnigy LiPo, 4S, 35C
  • Naza M V1, V2 firmware upgrade.
  • Walkera Devo 10 / RX1002 2.4 GHz
  • VTX – 5.8 GHz 25mW 32 channel TX
  • Cloverleaf / Skew-planar antennas
  • 3D Printed landing gear extensions
  • Foldable GPS mast
  • LED lighting
  • DC Regulator Board


Update: AC2 1.1 – inverted VTX / re-did mount, moved GPS mast, updated assistant software, added Tracker Transponder.

AC1 – Heavy Lift Hex

AC1 V6.0 is the latest revision to Aerocam 1.

AC1 V5

AC1 V5


  • DJI F550
  • Landing gear isolation Kit (rubber version)
  • 2″ 2mm thick Aluminium arm extensions
  • Aeroxcraft Landing Gear


  • Naza-Lite M V1.0 GPS FC
  • 6 x 11 x 5″ carbon fibre props
  • 6 x Tiger motor 2814-770KV
  • 6 x 30A DJI opto ESC
  • 10 x 25-35C  4S LiPo packs – 5000 – 8000 maH


  • Walkera Devo RX 1002 2.4 GHz Receiver
  • Walkera Devo 10 2.4 GHz TX
  • 5.8 GhZ Video TX
  • Cam flyer Video goggles / receiver
  • FPV Cam
  • Cloverleaf / Skew-planar antennas
  • Sonic crash recovery finder (TX activated)


  • GoPro 3 Black Edition
  • GoPro 2
  • Flip
  • Keychain-cam
  • Aeroxcraft Brushless GoPro3 Gimbal


  • Separate ESC Power Distribution Harness
  • OFM 7″ Field Monitor
  • 2 x 7.4v 2S liPo power for brushless gimbal
  • 5 x 11.1V 3S LiPo for powering FPV ground kit
  • 16 x AA Ni-mH AA cels
  • Battery Voltage meter
  • Eagletree V4.0 Altimeter

These were my original controls for AC1. Much has changed now…


Trainer Quads

Walkera LadyBird V2 / Devo 7

Ideal for outdoor work, and relatively robust, makes you work hard to fly it. Good for introducing banking turns / flips, but doesn’t work exactly like true manual mode. Handles wind superbly, and is capable of great precision once you know how to fly it. In some ways the V1 is more fun to fly, but V2 is definitely more stable, and useful to train with.

Its acro mode is best described as half manual – there is definitely some self-levelling going on when you release the stick, but never enough that you’re not doing all the work.

If you buy one, throw away the shitty little Devo 4 Tx it comes with – terrible plastic oversprung sticks ! Bind it to something better.

Blade Nano QX

Rubbish outdoors because of the way it interacts with wind, but indoors it’s the most stable, responsive microquad there is (2014). Acro mode is the same as true manual on larger quads.

Comes with a really good TX for the price.


An awesome bit of kit.

An awesome bit of kit.

Looks quite cool, and flies like a dream, in its own sort of way...

Looks quite cool, and flies like a dream, in its own sort of way…