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Posted by on Jul 27, 2014 in Blog, Video

Airwheel Terrain Testing

Where can we go on one of those ?

Pretty much anywhere, as it goes. Today I’ll be transversing assorted types of country terrain and urban thoroughfare alike, as I go for an hour’s ride around the back alleys and paths of Petersfield.

Sunset rough roading

Sunset rough roading

Condensed down to a 20 minute video, this saves me a lot of talking / typing about it, but in essence, the surfaces we’ll be exploring include:

Gravel, woodland paths, short grass, long grass, bumpy ground, stony ground, wooden slats, loose shale, pavement, road, uphill, downhill, winding tracks and muddy inclines.

On the way we’ll meet some very nice people (hello John, and Dave and Tegan, and Steve and Pete – the cat wouldn’t tell me its name), and 1 proper nutter, and roll past some very nice gardens. And a loose dog. And a talkative cat with 3 legs (It would talk about other things, just not its name). Here’s some pics.

Did you enjoy that ? I did. As we can see, my faithful Airwheel goes everywhere I tell it to, and although it occasionally tries to limit my speed when I’m on smooth, fast surfaces to a nice safe 12 mph, for the most part that’s more than fast enough, and I’m loving the way it can go through really quite hectic forest paths, and narrow trails.

So, more of that soon I would have thought…