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Posted by on Nov 11, 2014 in Blog, Video

Airwheel vs Weather

Slippery when wet…

Careful, J...

Careful, J…

Yep, we’re back on my favourite South coast glide path, the smoothly tiled walkways that line the Southsea seafront, this time ranging from the war memorial, where we’ll stop for a seaside proximity / wet ride challenge, through Clarence Pier and the funfair, and beyond, almost to Gunwharf, but stopping short to film the water theatrics going on at jetty level.

This gave me a solid hour+ of footage, and so editing it down has been really hard – the GoPro just kept recording things I wanted to slow down later :)

Youtube goes 60FPS

This is the first time I’ve been able to upload a video that remains 60 Frames / second by the time it appears on the site, so well done YouTube (at last!) I checked that was the case by quickly uploading this test footage – some mainly static shots from today’s ride that didn’t fit anywhere else. Worth it for the nice time-lapse at the end.


And those 60 YouTube frames per second would be pretty useless to us if we didn’t have a camera that could output 60FPS at 1080P. Until very recently, my GP3+ has fallen just short of this mark, and didn’t allow a full 60FPS while in Superview ultra-wide 1080 mode. But thanks to the recent 2.0 firmware update, now it can and does ! Very pleased about that as it means we can have ultra-smooth footage at full speed and in slow motion alike. Excellent.

In general, I have been blown away by the quality coming out of that tiny little camera since the update – I could not be more happy with my GoPros :) Here’s a small gallery from today’s adventures.

Challenge AeroJ

You know I like a challenge, and it’s been a while since the last one, so I was very pleased to discover that the sea was making serious ingress across a section of walkway I happened to be gliding past, as the wind reached its most insistent :) Very high wind – blustery gusts up to 55 mph, ┬ácombined with a strong 30 mph headwind blowing in from the sea made sure that just avoiding the water was not the only challenge – staying upright and going in a direction I chose were never far from my attention, and my Airwheel’s angle of attack and micro-paths needed constant adjustment to keep me going straight as the winds changed around me.

But it can be done, and indeed I did it, so feel I’ve gained a small level-up in the skills and experience departments.

Quickly I found the most streamlined body shape and attitude, and this helped carve my path through the squall, which sometimes assisted me with extra speed when the wind was behind me, at others presenting me with a virtual brick wall that I had to lean hard into to keep moving at all, and my batteries weren’t so keen on the amount of push required to go along at any sort of speed when the wind is directly against your direction of travel :) Fortunately I realised quite speedily that if you lean back against the wind, and let it push you forwards then you can get the wind to recharge your battery for you…

Danger Factor

I am calling this water / wind challenge Level 1 – not much actual danger of being swept out to sea, and not enough depth of water, even at its highest to flood the Airwheel, but a thoroughly enjoyable test nonetheless as I reacted as fast I could to the swirling waters as they occasionally crossed my path and chased me back to the car. Indeed both myself and my Airwheel managed fine, and nobody fell over, or even got their feet wet.

So next time, for Level 2, I’ll be the other side of the railings, and the weather will be even worse, so look forward to that… :)

See you next time…