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Posted by on Jan 19, 2015 in Blog, Video

Airwheel X5 Range Test

How far can you go today ?

Welcome to this little Airwheel X5 range test, where we will see how far my little Airwheel can go, in conditions it doesn’t like very much… that is very very cold, and quite a bit of mud round the lake sections. We’ll take a photo every second as we go, which means we can get through an hour’s ride, with 2 stops, in about 2 mins 30…

On test from the start

Aerocam. Mainly on the ground for this test.

Aerocam. Mainly on the ground for this test.

This particular airwheel has been monitored and logged from Hour 1, and this being hour 355, after 194 battery cell recharges, it’s a good test to see how well the battery does after the Airwheel has moved me nearly 2000 miles in its lifetime so far…

They claim 12 km max range on the box, but we’re never gonna get that – lithium batteries hate the cold, I am caning it everywhere at maximum speed, uphill or down, and making it go through various stretches of difficult mud that use a lot more battery than normal pavement travel draws. Adding to that is the gentle but lengthy uphill gradient all the way into town, though this helps us on the way back, or would do if I’d done it slow enough to gain a recharge.


My tyre is pumped to 3.4 bars, the maximum, so the ride is difficult, and beyond excitingly bouncy into hard & even slightly jarring, especially if you don’t choose your paths well. But extra tyre pressure means more travel, and less problems with kerbs, so let’s get round town and the lake and then home, and see how we did.

Route map

Route map

Here’s the route we took, and that was 7.33 Km, but as luck would have it I got my first battery warning literally as I turned off into my drive, and after a reset, it happily carried me the long steep uphill right to my backdoor, at which point I got second battery warning, meaning power was down to 10% – perfect.

On charge she went for the next ride…