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Posted by on Oct 19, 2018 in Blog, Video

Ashford Hangers

250 yards further…

Hangar’s end…

Exciting new fly site time ! I’ve lived in Petersfield for at least 10 years, and have known about Stoner Hill and Ashford Hangers for most of that, but recently my good friends Matt & Joolz told me about a viewpoint I had never found in all that time, so today I set out on a mission to find it, and when I did I was rewarded by one of the best potential fly sites I’ve seen for a while ! And it is a mission to get there – I have to drive all the way to the end of Litten Lane, a fabulously unmaintained farmers track that puts my cars suspension to the maximum test – indeed have lost 2 exhausts to this road before, but I got away with it this time. I used to fly from the main viewpoint, but for various reasons had since decided that wasn’t safe, and the only other option is a gated field on the left that leads down into the wooded valley, but launching from the path is quite sketchy because of the massively restricted view from the tall neighbouring trees. In fact I had all but written off this site until the guys told me to just walk 250 yards further down the track, past the barrier, and I’d see some steps on the left, leading upwards to a brilliantly accessible and safe flying location.

What’s up there then ?

A nicely maintained, wide open empty space at the very end of the Ashford Hanger ridge, surrounded by a varying treeline (height and species), and with breathtaking views from the ground in one direction and from the air in all directions ! I can see all the way along the ridge ! Being new here I didn’t do very proficient or adventurous flyings – I was too cautious initially and kept the craft nice and close while it was near the ground, but having found the place I will come back again, and hopefully do a lot better, and fly a lot further next time – in fact this would be an excellent and safe place for a range test.

Guardians of the Sky

Autumn greens and golds… long shadows for 3.30 pm.

I didn’t have the skies entirely to myself – there were some mid level planes that I didn’t have to move to avoid, and of more concern were the 2 Red Kites, and worse still Buzzards, all of which came over and circled the H at various points when it was above the tree line. Fortunately some power-rises persuaded them that they shouldn’t harass me, and they left quite early on, though never left the area so I had to keep a constant eye out for them…

Still Transcoding…

We’re transcoding 4k down to 1080 again, so everything should be nice and sharp and detailed, thanks to the Laplacian sharpening I threw at it during the transcode in Handbrake. Still quite happy with that workflow, and shooting in RAW mode 3840 x 2160 at 30 FPS on the CGO3+. Wish it was 4K60, but what can ya do, other than wait for Autel robotics to release their amazing EVO multirotor over here in the UK, at which point I will be first in the queue ! No, I’m not buying a Mavic 2 Pro, which can’t do it either, and I’m definitely not buying a Phantom 4 Pro, which can. As happy as I am with the camera on the H (with some reservations) the Autel Evo beats them all for me.

Autumn greens and golds… long shadows for 3.30 pm.


See you next time…

Aero J