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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Blog, Video

Autumn Falls Episode 1 which we faithfully record and transcribe what stuff looked like when Summer stopped and everything started raining.

Knowing how rubbish the weather was going to be tomorrow, I thought I’d make the most of the day’s brief respite from the rain, and did 2 flight missions, the first of which I haven’t bothered uploading because it’s Petersfield Heath, and we’ve seen it all before…

And indeed I’ve flown from the ‘Hyperview’ at Litten Lane before too, but not this side of the hill.  Driving on down the dirt track for another 500 yards from the original viewpoint, I found easy(ish) access to a nice big field with amazing adjoining forestry happening on all sides, and beautiful drop off the South Face of Stoner Hill.

The wind was there, as ever, ruining all my shots again, and I’m back on my 1.2 setup with a fixed cam mount, so the only weapon in my armoury is Google De-shake, deployed here for the first time on one of my vids.. I think on this occasion I’ll put up with weird text, some loss of detail and slightly ruined panoramas for the smoothness we get on the high shots, which is impressive.

And it is a record of the flight, and I love the autumnal colour range here, so I’m sharing it anyway…

Incidentally, I have just upgraded the firmware in my GoPro, and just ONE shot in this is made using their ProTone setting, and then graded afterwards. The other stuff was also graded, so be interesting to see if anyone can spot which shot was ProTone. I turned it off after one flight because the camera mysteriously stopped video record 1m 30s into a flight, and then again after 20 seconds when I tested it on the ground. So I tuned PT off, and it was fine on all subsequent flights. Weird.

New F550 upgrade arrived today. Am planning how to fit the XAircraft CM-GP V2 mount to it, then will build and deploy, and be hopefully further along the road towards shake-free video and a machine powerful enough to lift it :)

Soundtrack today is an old track by me, so we are all spared the horrible adverts.

Happy flyings, people…