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Posted by on Nov 28, 2018 in Blog, Video

Autumn Greens

Course Lock

Flying as I do quite regularly from the Lake Heath I’ve had my eye on the adjacent golf course for a while, and have long since wished I could do a flight or 2 from within the grounds so I can get some really decent views of their gloriously manicured landscaping and attractive trees. I’ve been in contact with the management on and off for a few years, but we’d never quite managed to arrange a day. But one day last week I was just passing with all the flying kit in the car, with no fixed idea of where to fly, and thought I’d pop in and see how busy they were at Petersfield pay and Play Golf Club.

As luck would have it, it was the end of the working day, so only a few people on the course, and I gained permission to fly from the helpful staff in the clubhouse. Excellent. With permissions sorted I did a quick site survey and launched for 2 quick flights as the sun went down over the hills.

The sun, going down over the hills.

Muted skies give a dull golden light…


Last of the Light

The conditions might have been almost perfect for flight (despite the cold, which reduces flight time) but I was losing the light even before I launched. The camera on the Typhoon H is not optimized for low light, so our film quality was a little lacking due to that, and me having to ramp the ISO a bit to get it all bright enough on the ground, which of course over-exposes the sky – the perennial problem of the aerial videographer…

So, knowing that to be the case, and having never flown here before I used today’s flight as something of a scouting mission, and if I get permission to fly again I will use this one to plan the most cinematic shots for next time – for today’s efforts it was all a bit random and unplanned…

Go Panorama

Did 2 18-shot panoramas today, but only the first one at 400 ft was bright enough (light loss), so that’s the one I kept…

The view from 400 ft…


You can see the interactive version of that over on the Panoramas page.

Also did a Telemetry video of part of the first flight using Dashware.

Next up, let’s go see how Harting Down is doing on a very windy day indeed…

Aero J