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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Blog, Video

Big Blue Sea

Lovely as fields and trees are, you can have enough of them sometimes and on occasions I yearn to do my flyings nearer something a bit different, a bit more challenging and with  colours other than green.

So taking one of those rare British weather opportunities in which the sun remains out for longer than 4 minutes, myself and Special Assistant M went to Hayling Island to see what was going on down there.

Pretty good views, and a lot of water was the answer. Lots of sea and a big lake. People and dogs and curious children and fairly epic 30mph gusting wind. No ice cream, but no wasps either, so swings and roundabouts etc…

All started well. Began with the epic heights and got some good panoramics of the harbour and all the little boats…

A while later I was having maximum FPV fun when I went for a steep descent round the back of an embankment, and lost FPV for a few crucial seconds in which I came perilously close to landing in the water (battery must have been 2 inches from surface of waves) and the GoPro2 was inexplicably NOT in it’s waterproof housing, so 1″ lower and I’d have lost that as well. Watch out for landing gear hitting the water.

Thank goodness (and more specifically DJI) for their magic ‘Return to Home’ failsafe switch, which I fortunately hit just in time to make my quad rise 20m, and fly back to me and into FPV range, after which I resumed control, and all was fine.

Generally quite pleased with the flyings, though wind was difficult to avoid and was very blustery in places – as soon as I took it out of GPS lock, it would instantly drift away and often took 70-80% maximum stick rate to bring it back.

But an excellent day was had, a new level of bravery has been reached and breached, and although it was close, I didn’t have to get in the sea and go and get it, by which I mean I didn’t have to push Special Assistant M in after it.

Music today kindly written just for this video by Morcheeba whose mysterious experiments with synthesizers, rapping and time machines meant they were able to write this 14 years in advance of the video, and simultaneously make it available to me in 1785, thus predating copyright law. Thanks for that guys.