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Posted by on Oct 19, 2018 in Blog, Video

Butser Hill South

If at first you don’t succeed…

…go back again and have another go. Last time I was here, the sun had already gone down, I inexplicably had an ND4 filter on, and had to set ISO way high, so footage was quite bad and trees got turned to mush – eurgh. So this time, I’ve got there an hour earlier, and all my ND filters remain in the bag, and things are looking much better for it… also less wind today, so that’s nice.

The Road to the Top

Butser at sundown (South face)

This is one of the fields that lines the main road up to the summit of Butser, but I’m saving flying from up there until conditions are perfect, so for now I am content to stay on the South Side ridge, flying from my favourite easy-access field where I have excellent views of all the surrounding skies and roads, and I have special assistant Andy spotting for me, so this makes me feel very safe for this session. There were things in the sky, some low-level planes and a helicopter, but all were seen early, communicated, and avoided with miles of separation. Also thought we saw another multirotor on the other side of the hill, but hard to be sure on that one…

Sweeping Vistas

It might not be the top of the hill, but the view from just down the road is still very rewarding, and today we hit the full 400 ft allowed as we span our way across the beautiful undulating landscape, and soared high above hill fronts that drop away from both sides of the road. The tiny little sheep on the ground were suitably unstressed by my flying, as I kept nice and high above them, so I had a wide area to explore, and views almost to the coast…

Fields of gold, fields of green. Some sheep. And that’s Clanfield over there.


Future Past

The good thing about updating a blog a couple of weeks late is that I can tell you where we’re going next, and why there was such a delay between vids. Weather – simple as that – I’ve had batteries charged and ready to go for 3 whole days but constant rain, and winds of <90 mph at 200ft have made flying impossible. Fortunately it all gets better next week, and so off I go to Ashford Hangars, to see how that’s getting on in the Autumn. Very nicely, as it turns out ! :)

Happy flyings, see you next time,

Aero J