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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Blog, Video

Dawn and Dusk

Got up early (by which I mean ‘remained up’) long enough to be at the peak of Butser Hill by 6 am. It was absolutely covered in mist, and you couldn’t see anything, so I waited half a hour for it to clear, which it didn’t, and so I moved down to the lower fields, under the mist…

Much fun to be had trying to keep horses in frame, and trying not to worry sheep, and then a nice climb to the cloud layer where everything goes surreal and drifty for a bit.

Then, later we’re back nearer home for the second golden hour of the day, and trying out our new antenna combo with some FPV tree skimming. I miss the GoPro2’s wide angle, but it annoys me that there is no way to get the legs out of shot if I use it.

I’d hoped angling it right down might solve that, but no – it really is VERY wide angle. Will do more with the (almost) top down thing in Medium FOV and see if that’s better.