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Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in Blog, Video

Drive-By Flyings Episode 4 – Millham’s Copse, Froxfield

Today we’re at Millham’s Copse, discovered by chance on the road through to Froxfield, Hampshire.

Great flyings, and loads of interesting things to see, but I only flew over about a third of them, because I was having to fly eyes-on, not ‘on-board’, due to one slightly forgotten bit of FPV monitor cabling.
So I was quite lucky to get the close-ish passes of the spire, as it was quite difficult to guage distances and angles from my position in the field opposite.

Tried a low angle of about 60 degrees for one flight, which I think always looks good over trees.
Hellos to Caroline & Anne (apologies if no ‘E’) who joined us for one of my 4 flights, and seemed very interested to know all about the quad.

Music today harmlessly borrowed from Dream Theater, with their 2007 remix of ‘Another Day’. I must confess I’m mainly in it for the guitar solo and sax work.

On reflection this might be my worst choice of music yet. Sorry.

More of all that from me soon, with better music.