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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Blog, Video

Drive-By Flyings Episode 8


Some people stop flying as soon as Summer is over. I am not one of them, but sometimes I very much see their point. This week has been absolutely awful for flying.

If it hasn’t been raining it has been threatening to, and when it is dry, winds have been silly high, forcing me to go find new fly sites miles away from people and buildings and wires etc, where the wind would have less opportunity to get me into trouble.

The other day I went exploring the South Downs, driving along its highest ridges, looking for launch spots. I found a few, the best and worst of which are covered here in this video, which gives up on cinematic aspirations about 10 seconds in, and is here to show you the various moments of joy and terror I had while learning how to fly in what felt like extreme gales, a skill I feel will be very useful living in the UK.

This is really the ultimate Google de-shake test. If it can fix this, I’m seriously impressed. We’ll see how it does – I’ll leave it on unless it’s terrible..

For most of the day the wind was a steady 20-30 mph, but gusting to I’m guessing 60 or 70 in the bowls of valleys and at the sort of high hill-top launch sites I found. Later in the evening it had calmed down a bit; at least it had stopped trying to carry my craft 5 miles away, but it made for what can best be described as ‘educational flying’ nonetheless.

I learned a lot about climbing and descending into and out of wind streams, and found what could be an absolute killer of a flying site for future exploring, so even though the footage is mainly quite duff, the clouds are nice and that was far from a day wasted.

So join me with your filmic expectations suitably lowered, and enjoy watching me get thrown about the skies of Hampshire for 4 minutes..