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Posted by on Jan 2, 2013 in Blog

Festive Flyings – Godalming

Festive Flyings – Godalming

Flying in a Windy Wonderland.

Well it’s been a while since an update from me, but that’s because there’s been Christmas…

Seasonal flying has been a bit sporadic and opportunist, as I’ve been very busy with Xmas gigs, web work and the weather has been most dreadful, with some really howling winds kicking in as Winter takes hold. Nothing as nice as snow has arrived, but the wind and rain and fog are certainly doing their best to fill the wintery gap its absence leaves.

Somewhere (almost) new

Was staying with my parents over in Godalming for festivities, so shot out on Xmas day for a quick 3 or 4 flights round the local field, taking in the new forest and spiritual retreat that lies normally hidden from view behind majestic banks of trees. No video for that one, as the 30 mph gusting wind made my footage mostly horrible… as we can see, even stills are not great in the focus department…


One of these houses was my xmas retreat. And has the best garden by far.

One of these houses was my xmas retreat. And has the best garden by far.

I would have thought this convent would be better lit on Christmas Day.

I would have thought this convent would be better lit on Christmas Day.

The next day was a bit better, in that I was able to get out and fly somewhere new, and got through 9 battery packs doing so, but once more, on reviewing the footage, it is very very shaky, and the wind was worse than the day before. I am in the middle of deciding if it’s worth doing a narrated FPV video though, as there were some tense and exciting flying moments on Boxing day – RTH saved the day once again, and rescued me from what could have been a whole heap of trouble as I hung precariously in the air 200 ft above a woodland drop off and far enough away from me to have no idea which way my craft was facing and with only 1 minute on the clock to go…

Godalming, from above on boxing Day. God's not illuminating this one nicely either.

Godalming, from above on Boxing Day. God’s not illuminating this one nicely either, but there’s some nice gardening on show.

Godalming has better sports courts than Petersfield.

Godalming has better sports courts than Petersfield.

Still with the problems…

I’m still having the ‘random rise’ issues as described in the last few posts, and will shortly be turning my attention to solving that most difficult of problems, but over Christmas this just provided additional flying challenge, and I got away with a no-crash bonus. The Boxing Day flight attracted quite a bit of attention so I met lots of nice people including an old school friend I hadn’t seen since school (Hi Rich!), so was nice to get out and show new people things they hadn’t seen before…

I’m hoping to get out and film more stuff this week and next, as work is a bit quieter now, so we’ll see what the weather throws our way.

Future Flyings

My lovely parents gave me some cash for Christmas, so no doubt I shall be deploying that soon – possibly on an altimeter and replacement cloverleaf aerial for the one I damaged in a crash ages ago.

Having just done my accounts, and feeling like rewards are in order, I might buy myself a GoPro3. I feel like I’ll deserve one even more if I solve the current flight anomalies, so the ‘war on tremors’ begins afresh soon, and we’ll take another step on the road to decent video footage.

Boxing Day Flyings with my Dad and  random school friend...

Boxing Day Flyings with my Dad, random school friend and an FPV monitor. But a rubbish aerial.

Thank you to everyone who helped, watched, came along, checked out the vids in 2012, Happy New Year flyings to everyone for 2013. I’ll be doing more of the same, except better. Hopefully, you’ll watch along with me as I head for my first full year of piloting…