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Posted by on Jul 22, 2013 in Blog

Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold

Ditcham Heights

Day 3 of the trust-building test flights in big open spaces, and they don’t come much bigger or more open than the various fields and rolling hills up by Ditcham Park School. This is where I go when I’m doing height tests and want some nice easy recovery options if anything goes wrong.

Sun, sun, sun

Thought I’d time my arrival to coincide with the start of golden hour, so got there for 7.45 pm to find some breathtaking golden vistas surrounding me, and views for miles – almost to the sea. I didn’t get high enough to fully exploit those – my plan for slow incrementally adventurous flying limited me to about 250 ft on ┬áthe 3rd day of tests. But the sights were wonderful, and it was great to be out in the fresh evening air on another big hilltop.

Over here, please…

Just 2 short flights before I noticed my TX was getting a bit low on charge, so rather than risk an involuntary RTH and land, I thought I’d quit while I was ahead, do a voluntary RTH just to check, and then head home for the night. I’ve never tested RTH since the Naza V2 firmware update, and I don’t think I’ve allowed an RTH to get as far as landing for months.

So I did that, and the Naza did a really good job of returning to the right point, gently descending, and then landing (no bunny hops) in very difficult blustery conditions. Full marks to DJI there.

Problems ?

Nope. Nothing going wrong, admirable GPS performance, even in the horrible wind, and everything working as expected. Trust in craft increases +10%.

Pictures ?

Yep – just a few. Here they are.