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Posted by on Jun 25, 2013 in Blog, Video

Fields of Gold

Red sky at night…

Flyers delight. I wasn’t planning to go to the flyings today, but at 8.30 pm decided I probably should, given the lack of wind, and nice, unusually clear skies.

Oh yeah...

Oh yeah…

I planned to drive to Petersfield Heath, and look at the golf course, something I still haven’t done with my new ultra-slinky brushless setup.

And then I found myself driving past all that, and on along the B2146 towards South Harting resolved that as the sun was almost down already, I would stop at the first place that looked a) accessible and b) like it might be nice place to film something I haven’t seen for a while, or at all.

In it for the colour

That place transpired to be public footpath right at the North Entrance to South Harting, where a nice take-off area on a public bridleway type thing split 2 large fields, 1 of fairly standard long green stuff (I’ll assume it’s grass but it’s probably some sort of crop) and more interestingly for me, a nice large field full of bright yellow rapeseed, interspersed with attractive little white flowers. All of it looks quite promising in terms of soft-ish landing and timely minimal-effort access if it all goes horribly wrong…

Yellows, greens, and whites and blue. It's like all of Spring in one shot.

Yellows, greens, and whites and blue. It’s like all of Spring in one shot.

Not only that, but we’ve got quite an interesting gradient up a hill, and some low-level undulation in the foothills to the South Downs, which are over to the right of where I’m flying from.

And there’s some good trees to fly top-down over, some good tracks in the crops to follow, and even a decent sun in the sky, though it has mostly gone.

But I wasn’t complaining, and had 3 joyous flights, soaring about the sky with gay abandon, capturing the beauty of my surroundings to share with you all.

Yes, but tell us the settings, dammit !

I’m in medium FOV on the GoPro 3, 1080, Protune off, 60FPS, which I’ll use to my advantage later. And I’ve got a headcam mounted GoPro2 filming my craft from the ground. And I’m watching the live view from the craft on my field monitor (pun intended) which is helpfully perched just above my TX, mounted as it is on my new TX / ground-station tray thing. Which amazingly, still hasn’t broken.

Vorsprung Durch Technik

I am advancing. And so is my tech, which today, I am pleased to report, was entirely problem-free for the duration of the flights, for the first time in ages. GPS tracking was pretty much great, GPS hold and TH worked flawlessly, Naza V2 was smooth and easy, the wind wasn’t too bad, and I was able to experience that rarest of sessions where it’s all joy and no pain. So that was nice.

On reviewing the footage, I see there are a few shaky bits, and huge areas of high colour pushed very fast past a lens is more than the GoPro 3’s sensor can cope with, but those small issues aside, it’s another great result considering the very low-light conditions…

Here’s a gallery.

As usual, this will become a video blog later, so check back for that…

Happy flyings, the people !