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Posted by on Jan 16, 2013 in Blog, Video

First Snow 2013

It’s all gone white.


I woke up, saw the snow, hurried down a pint of warming tea, and got out in it straight away (bout 10.30 in the end) to bring you the sort of video that is largely unspectacular but never mind because it’s been snowing !

It had just stopped. So a very brief couple of flights around my ground zero training field, and quick pan round the town at the cloud line. Then my fingers froze, despite help from the HotRok that Special Observer M had got me for xmas. Without that, they would have frozen 10 minutes earlier.

Keeping warm

However, as soon the temp is below 0 degrees, the HotRok will be not be wasted on anything asĀ unimportantĀ as fingers; it’s going in the battery bag to keep my LiPo’s at room temp for as long as possible, hopefully without setting fire to them. This might help avoid the drastic reduction of flight time you get with very cold battery packs.

Yep - looks better on trees than it does on houses.

Yep – looks better on trees than it does on houses.

Even as I type this, the snow is being rained away, so that might be it for this round, but as soon as it comes back, I’ll be out on my snowy missions, bringing you the best things to see from above, except whiter.

So look forward to that…