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Posted by on Oct 19, 2018 in Blog, Video

Godalming High Rise

Flying Back Home

New Fly-site time again, and this time we’re in my former home town of Godalming, where we have time for 2 slow panning rises from carefully selected locations around the town. First up is quite a high base, on Busbridge Recreation field, where we get a decent early evening view of the town from the top of the hill, and then we’re down on the Lammas Lands, one of the only safe and legal places to fly close to the town center, and this one really is very rewarding in the afternoon light, being as we are right on the river and right next to the attractive churchyard and greens that run alongside it. It was quite windy on both occasions, and being new to the sites I flew quite cautiously and close to me, so restricted the footage to the main rises, as we’ll have time for all the ‘attractive tree-line river following’ when I go back there from time to time.

Godalming Town Center, from 250 ft above the Lammas Lands.


Multi-session Flying Fun

I have 3 battery packs now for a total of about an an hour in the air in any flight session. There were 3 sessions in Godalming, but the 3rd one was a private garden flight for my Mum, so not shown here, although you can see a panorama on the new Panoramas Page. Having said that, today marked the first proper test of the new Morpilot battery pack I got from Amazon, which is not doing well, giving only 8 mins flight time between 16.8 and 14.7 volts compared to the 12-15 mins I get from my original Yuneec packs. I have written to them about that…

Mystery Camera problems…

…continue I am afraid to say, and the mysterious dimming flashes that sometimes pervade all my 4K footage were responsible for at least a few shots I couldn’t use. the camera has been in to Yuneec for diagnosis and they can’t find anything wrong, so I am in maximum test mode, to see when and how much it is noticeable in my edited videos while I decide if I am going to pursue it further. Most people don’t notice it, it does have to be said. I still do alas :)

What I have discovered is that shooting in RAW mode certainly minimizes the problem, sometimes to the point where it is barely noticeable, yet in other parts it remains quite prominent. I have managed to eliminate the tracker from my enquiries – indeed Loc8tor engineers were kind enough to call me to assure me that it wouldn’t send out interference despite its close mounting proximity to the CGO3+…

All in the Transcode…

What I am enjoying about that camera is 4K to 1080 encoding, which I am doing to great effect in Handbrake, using its amazing laplacian sharpening algorithms, giving me ‘4k sharp’ video in a 1080p frame with all the nice file size advantages that brings Best of both worlds there. Brilliant. My only slight disappointment is that I can’t do 4K60, meaning my options for half-speeding footage are more limited.

And that’s it this time – next time we’ll be having another go at Butser South, which we cocked up last time due to rubbish camera settings, and getting there too late for the light :)

See you then…

Aero J