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Gotway MSuper3

The Gotway MSuper18 V3 is my latest wheel, a serious upgrade on the Airwheel X5 I had previously. It is an extremely powerful EUC, and although there are sometimes QC problems with Gotway, my wheel has been superbly reliable, and has already given me around 700 hours of quality wheel-based fun, with no crashes, unpredictable behaviour or issues so far. It just keeps on trucking – uphill or downhill, whatever the terrain, it doesn’t really care. Granted, I ride it carefully and well, but the wheel does more than its fair share of work, and does it again and again without problems…


The airwheel X5 has a 140 watt motor, meaning it is very slow, and because of its smaller 14″ wheel, has fairly lamentable resistance to uneven ground and the odd pothole, which can send you flying off it, even at very slow speed. Not so the Gotway MS3, whose much larger 18″ off-road wheel is much better at dealing with ground resistance, and the motor is 2000 watts (peak) meaning it has some real pushing power before it starts to get to its limits. I can go up really very steep hills with this, something I tested early on by rolling it up the main road into QECP, and that is no mean feat to get to the top and still have 3/4 of your battery pack ! Most of the time I potter along at somewhere between walking pace and cycling speed, but the extra power I have available I consider a safety feature, as it allows you far more torque, and power and balance headroom at lower speeds. The places where I actually use the full power and higher speeds of the machine are few and far between, the cycle path from PF to QECP being one of them – that is possibly the perfect ride environment for an EUC like this, and it’s good to occasionally get out there and see what it can do…


Wheelbase: 18″
Motor: 2000 Watt (peak)
Battery Life (Li-ion): <80km
Max Safe Speed: 32 kph
Max Speed on level ground: 52 kph (never tested due to safety / headroom concerns)
Average speed in use: 11 kph
Min Safe speed: walking pace (requires rider skill)
Features: Extendable Trolley Handle, headlight, brake / direction / power level lights / USB port / App controlled
Charge Time: 6 hours