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Posted by on Aug 28, 2018 in Blog, Video

Guildford Hill Glides

Urban Sprawl

Guildford was long overdue a visit from me, so pleased to be back on a sunny, windy afternoon to fly old aerial haunt The Mount, to the West of the town, and new fly site Pewley Down on the East, where we can get some pretty cool views of the town from way high, at a good safe distance, and do it all nice and legally. Not that this meant I was entirely safe, as it transpired…

Location Location

Beautiful Pewley Down…

The first of today’s fly sites was an unknown quantity, but I had done my pre-flight research well, and had a very good idea of what was what before I arrived. There is already aerial video for this site, but only from a fixed wing model FPV feed, so thought I could do a bit better with a multirotor, 1080P and some bright sun. With hindsight, this would have been an extra good place to start doing 4K, but 1080 doesn’t look too awful as it goes – indeed the CGO3+ does best in good light like this so results are decent even at lower res. What google hadn’t showed me was the amount of hazards in the air !

Gunshots and Raptors

Had to curtail the first flight slightly due to alarming gunshots from the farm in the valley below Pewley Down, but I don’t think they were aimed at me, as I remained unhit, and because they continued way after I landed…

Other hazards neatly avoided included 3 circling Red Kite, which are high on (if not top of) the list of birds of most concern to multirotors, so I waited for them to leave, which they did after 20 mins or so. 1 low flying helicopter that appeared during my flight was also spotted and avoided, although our paths and altitudes were not coincident, so nothing like a close call.

I was also was careful not to directly overfly the neighbouring allotments, or the few big houses that join the common, and was extra wary of (and ready to disable) GPS due to the KP index of 3.5.

Flight Control

Location 2 – The Mount

Another excellent performance from the Typhoon H – she really held her own against some properly hardcore wind up high, and we had faultless control, easily enough wind-resisting power and positive movement in any direction, even with 30 mph gusting headwinds, and still got 17 minutes of flight time before we were down to 14.7V on each pack, so was very pleased with that… no sign of GPS problems either, which might be expected so close to a major town, and most impressively, zero drift on landing, even on vertical descents directly into prop-wash ! Amazing.

Quality Control

Also, we’re having another go with a Neewer ND8 filter in the bright sun, which allowed me to set near-perfect shutter speed of 1/125 for my 60FPS frame rate (ISO100), so that was all good. Unlike my last video, which was lacking in detail due to low light, this one has turned out fine, so I am less inclined to dismiss the Neewer ND8 at this stage, although I would like to get a Polar Pro equivalent to check I am not missing some additional quality…

See you next time…