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Posted by on Jul 3, 2014 in Blog, Video

Hawkley Down

Like an inferior Hobbiton

… this field, not for the first time, caught my attention as I was driving past it on the way to somewhere else, and lured in as I was by its undulating hillocks and sunset-through-trees action, I had to park the car, pop into the field, set up, and get in the air for 2 short flights on a very pleasant evening.


This field was empty last time I was in it, but today there was trio of horses that started off far away from me, wandered towards me, so I moved all my stuff (and latterly me) behind 2 lines of helpful electric fence, which the horses seemed to know about. One remained close until I took off, then looked annoyed, and walked away to join his friends, who then all ignored it together as it was high and out of their way, and I didn’t overfly them or even go down their end of the field much…


I am monitoring the behaviour of the Naza M very closely, but could find absolutely nothing to complain about in the two 7 min flights I did here. Locked to GPS quickly, perfect control throughout, even climbs, smooth descents – all exactly as I hope flights will be. Since people are reporting ¬†some¬†flyaways with V1 hardware, V3.12 software, which is what I’m running, I am ready to quit to manual mode at the first sign of trouble, and then to kill motors if that doesn’t immediately work at recovering control.

I am also restricting where I fly so that I can ditch safely if I have to, at any point, and ideally with as little damage to the craft or anything else as possible.

But as much as it is easy to resent DJI when things do go wrong, when they don’t, I am unquestionably in their debt – it’s a really nice flight experience.

Naza M V1 / V2 – 3.12 Total flight Hours: 322

Flight Hours with current firmware / frame: 15

Flyaways Previous Frames: 1

Flyaways Current Frame: 0

Tomorrow flights are all in the woods, and round about, so back for that one soon…