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Posted by on Oct 4, 2018 in Blog, Video

Heath Lake South

Back from the brink…

It’s good to be back on ‘Heath fly-site No.2 – I’ve been back here before since my return to the hobby, but we had video problems last time so I never published anything on that session.

Indeed, there has been an unexpected gap in the flyings for about a month, because I had to send my camera back to Yuneec, and there was a lot of to and fro about what might or might not be wrong with it. They think there is nothing wrong, yet it continues to exhibit the ‘dimming flash’ problems in all 4K modes except one. Fortunately we have discovered that recording in a RAW colour profile seems to minimize the problem to the point where it is barely noticeable, so that’s something. Investigations continue as to why that’s not the case in any other colour mode at 4K.

Spin Crazy

Last of the Summer colours…


Nice bit of afternoon sun there…


Since I have my camera back I have found some time to explore a very new exciting feature of the updated TH firmware – 18 shot panoramic photos. Here, I can park the H at a point in space, then call the feature and wait 40 seconds for it to auto-rotate the camera to take 8 shots in a 360 degree circle, then angle down 45 degrees then takes another 8, before pointing downwards to take the remaining 2 shots to fill in the ground immediately under the craft. Can’t believe I overlooked this for so long – it really produces stunning results, and is well worth a 1 minute’s wait during any flight to capture a very high-res web-interactive pan of the environment.

You can see today’s panorama here.

Panoramic Workflow

  • Camera is set to Natural Mode, manual exposure, locked white balance (stops those varying as it pans round the scene)
  • That creates 18 images, which are combined in Microsoft ICE to produce a 13000 x 4000 file.
  • Photoshop to grade the image / increase canvas to 2:1
  • Upload to MarziPano Tool which converts the panoramic image to an interactive web panorama and gives you the code in a handy zip file

Don’t forget the video…

I did make a little video as well while I was there – the colours in the trees are worth looking at, and we can see just how quickly the heath is recovering from the recent fires.

Quite a few dogs on the ground today, so had to wait a while for the most opportune moment to do the ground-level stuff, but shortly I had the heath to myself and kept fairly low because of all the overflying aircraft, some of which I was fairly sure were lower than they should have been !

See you next time

Aero J