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Posted by on Jul 26, 2018 in Blog, Video

High Gold

Spiralling down from 350 ft above the common…

Return to Elsted

I’ve missed this place in my time of no-flyings, so it’s nice to be back. I didn’t get here sooner only because I was working my way back up to it, after all this is what I’d call a level 3 fly-site – massive wide space, but lots of obstacles at a range of heights, and massive body of water nearby to not fall into. Also a minor road to avoid overflying, sometimes there is low air traffic, and usually walkers / dogs on the common, although unusually I didn’t see a single one today ! I was utterly alone with my Typhoon H and we had the skies to ourselves !

Technically Speaking

I wouldn’t call today’s flights flawless – they started off that way, and kept going for a whole 20 minutes of flight. But during the last part of the second flight, I was hearing a rare but familiar short unusual motor buzz from the craft on reaction to input, there was a hell of a lot of drift on bringing it down to land (despite what was indicated by the LEDs as flawless GPS lock), and one occasion I swear what the craft did was not what I input. However, that was a minor temporary glitch, and I was able to bring it down fine, and hand caught it only because of rough uneven terrain rather than being worried about lack of control. Immediately after landing checked the Hardware Monitor of the ST-16, and again, though I saw a brief anomaly between what I input and what the meter for the elevator stick movement indicated. I have not been able to replicate this since, and I have really tried ! On that basis, I will monitor the situation, and have good ideas about what to do and how to safely get her down regardless if I get that again.

I do like those trees…

Things on the Ground

As dry as it has been over here, the things on this common don’t seem to have noticed much, or rather the colours that dead bracken goes remain quite bright, and the new stuff coming through works in neat opposition to it. That, combined with the evergreen trees that don’t care what the sun is doing offer another palette of rich greens, and the sky, and therefore the reflections in large bodies of water are a nice pure blue, so wherever I point the camera it’s always seeing a nice range of colour. Except when I fly back towards the sun, when I have to remember that I am exposing for the ground, so must keep the camera low to avoid sky white out, and excessive lens flaring. I want some of that flaring, especially for my ‘close over the trees’ shots, but it can get annoying unless you plan your flight paths and camera angles to minimize it. I think I did… OK this time, not brilliant, just OK – I did get my flares over the trees :)

I was slightly earlier in the day for this one, so start of golden hour rather than end of it, so didn’t spend much time pointed at the sky, except for one shot right at the end.

The sunset…

See you next time…