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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Blog, Video

High Times

I’ve been saving a few bits of video from the last week’s flights, as I’ve been pushing new boundaries in the height department on occasions.
So here we fly as high as I dare (highest so far at the end) in a variety of places, and you can all admire the views thanks to my thoughtfulness, a TPPacks isolation cam mount from the US and the GoPro2 Hero, which certainly lives up to its name.

How high is ‘high’ though. No idea. I’ll have to wait til I get an OSD to know anything like exactly…so for now I guage relative height with the amount of seconds at which I give the craft maximum elevation. The quarry one was 40 seconds, and I guestimate the quad climbs 5m/sec at full whack with the load I’m giving it, so that’s about 200m or 600 ft. But it feels higher than that, so will be interesting to see. Annoyingly my flight controller contains an altimeter but only for its own purposes, and not externally readable by any method I know about. If you do know, tell me in the comments !

Music today is another one written, performed and recorded by me, so none of the crappy adverts for us this time round. Slightly duff string arrangement – sorry bout that.