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Posted by on Jul 12, 2013 in Blog, Video

King of the Hills XL

At last, we meet again…

That’s right folks – I’m up as high as I can reasonably go, at the grand daddy of local viewpoints, Butser, off the A3 in Hampshire (UK). That’s why there’s 3 videos. There might be less than that when you see this, but the others will be coming soon.

Another beautiful vista awaits my flying lens...

Another beautiful vista awaits my flying lens…

I’m slightly to the west side of the main run up to the mast, and I’m focusing my aerial efforts into getting the awesome array of valleys to the South and West. The mast deserves a separate flight session all to itself, and this isn’t it. That’s not far off. But you won’t be disappointed in today’s efforts. It’s all pretty epic up the top of the highest hill in Hampshire.

Weather Report

It had been quite windy earlier, but as the afternoon set in, it died right off, and as soon as that happens I immediately think of places to go on calm days that might not work so well on more windy ones…

It didn’t take long for Butser to emerge from the ideas factory. It’s been months since I’ve flown here.


Another almost cloudless sky…

On the ground, there is a little wind, (which I forgot to measure I considered it so un-threatening) but as we get above 300 ft (in addtion to the 800 of the hill itself) there is little hope for completely windless flying. The good news is, it’s the right type of wind – smooth consistent streams and thermals I can move cleanly into and out of. It was a dream to fly, and my flyer was a dream to fly in it…

Vorsprung durch technik

All my technology performed flawless for me this evening – the only minorly panicky moments were caused when I had to land on rather steeper than I’d like slopes – there really weren’t many flat areas around.

Naza V2 was great, so was my GoPro3, which faultlessly recorded 30 mins of 60FPS 1080, and winning the day once more is the Aeroxcraft gimbal, which today, in light wind gave… are you ready for this… 100% usable footage!! 30 minutes of airtime – 30 minutes of serviceable video, 20 minutes of that real winners. I am beyond pleased.

Friends in high places

I met a variety of people on the hill tonight, all of them really nice. Met fellow flyer Ray and his red ‘veteran-of-the-skies’ glider, who wasn’t having much fun in the lack of wind, so came to join me for my last few flights.

I’d also like to say that the Park Rangers are excellent people, and do a marvellous job, and I very much appreciate their work. I hope they do mine.


Cinema go…

I had enough footage for my part 1 video from 2 of my 5 flights today. And that was without even looking at the headcam footage ! So let’s enjoy that, and the massive gallery below, while I go away and edit part 2.

And now I have. Here it is.

Musical accompaniment

If it’s one of mine, and there’s big hills, it can only be Trevor Morris, and here he is once more trailing me round the British countryside, his orchestra in tow, to add some much appreciated grandeur to proceedings. I have thanked him. I do hope he doesn’t mind, and sees my fairly consistent use of his scores as a testament to how much I like his work. I rerally would write them myself if I had time, but I haven’t and when I do, they’re not as good – he’s got the string section I badly want but can’t afford !

Happy flyings people