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Posted by on Sep 10, 2014 in Blog, Video

Lake Marsh Sun

Airborne Again…


Magnificent Marsh Farm in the sun…

You can’t ride your Airwheel forever, right ? Well I had mine with me today, and great fun it was too, but the weather was perfect for other things, and I had a boot-full of Discovery Pro, so with not much ado, Aerocam gets off his Airwheel, and takes his trusty new GoPro3+ on a mission to get some epic aerial footage of some local lakes over in Milford, Surrey. I’ve asked for permission to film and The Angling Society that own it were kind enough to let me fly, if I shared the footage with them – my pleasure ! I get a free place to fly, they get some free aerial shots of their lake.

So to the skies

"A boot-full of Discovery Pro"

“A boot-full of Discovery Pro”

It may have been a while since I’ve been behind the sticks on pilot duty, but I’ve kept my hand in with regular practise on my trainer quads, so I felt a bit like a duck back in a lake as, preflight checks completed, I took off to find my craft pleasingly nailed to the air, and beautifully following my input, and filming all the while I remembered to press record…

Safety-wise I am aware of the low flying craft, and that I am aprox 300 m away from a railway line, so I have spotters (Thanks, Dad!) alerting me to trains (and planes) coming, and Railway line proximity, so I didn’t really fly closer than 150m to it.

I’ve even got a ‘man with a boat on a trailer’ (Thanks Bob!) ready to deploy it should anything go horribly wrong and my beloved Disco finds itself taking a bath in a lake…

Nothing over 250 ft today, as there were other craft, what I suspected to be illegally low in the sky occasionally, and I was careful not to stray too near the railway line or road that adjoins the site. I needn’t have worried though – 4 perfect flights from the Naza M V2, and a craft-based LiPo alert averted the only potential disaster that could have occurred had I continued to fly on a battery that I subsequently discovered had a gained a duff cell in storage… I manually landed quickly to avoid the potential ‘flyaway’ that situation can cause if ignored…

Film School

It’s the first time my GoPro3+ has seen the skies, and despite being in too high a resolution mode than was ideal (1920 x 1440) turned out a rock solid result in difficult, contrasty lighting conditions. But perhaps the real heroes of the day were the brushless gimbal and vibration dampening systems on the TBS Discovery, which flawlessly removed any and all vibrations, shakes and downthrust coming from the four 9″ props spinning at several thousand RPM inches above the camera, holding it all up.

I was using Superview mode, which is why we can see so much in the frame, 48 FPS most of the time, for a nice wide angle without too much fish-eye curvature. I had to turn off my extra worry that I’d really hate to lose that camera to the murky depths of the lakes if anything should go wrong, but, due to good fortune, and a plethora of pre-flight checks, all went well, and everything survived with no crash landings, in water or anywhere else…

Picture Perfect

Well I can see why fishermen would go there to relax and do their thing – it’s certainly a lovely place to be – not perhaps the quietest, but very relaxing nonetheless. I had over 20 minutes of perfectly usable impressive footage, which I’ve shoehorned into a neat 4 minutes, but that does mean we get nice high end shots all the way through and no filler… but even so, I may have to do a bonus video if I get time with all the stuff left out of the first one…

Oh, and here it is, the Marsh Farm B-Reel.

See you next time guys, but I bet it’s on a wheel ;)