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Posted by on Jul 20, 2018 in Blog, Video

Lake Panoramas

Test Flights Complete

With 20 problem-free flights between us (all in wide open fields in the middle of nowhere) there is now a good a level of trust building between me and my new flyer, so I am moreĀ  confident taking it where there are (a few more) people. Gotta watch out for defensive birds too, who can take a multirotor down if they take exception to it and attack. Fortunately today’s birds were quite chilled out and I wasn’t worried, having established in my pre-flight scout that there were no big raptors, or swallows about (the 2 main avian UAV aggressors). There is a lot to love about that machine, and today’s performance was one of its best. Whether it was gracefully side-swiping the tree line, or remaining nailed to the sky at any height for my various slow pans, the Typhoon H proved itself more than adequate to the task, although to be fair it was a particularly calm evening and even at 400 ft winds were minimal.


Camera Watching

The Typhoon’s camera takes a little wrangling with initially to get it to produce quality shots – the key is to abandon Auto-exposure, lock White balance and set ISO and shutter speed yourself as you fly, and clearly expose for either the ground or the sky – this makes our footage consistent and lacking the weird white flashes / colour shifts you can sometimes get if you leave things to Auto mode. We’reĀ  in the ‘Natural’ mode on the camera, shooting 1080P 60 FPS so we hopefully preserve the smoothness of our pans and turns, albeit at the expense of rubbish playback on inferior computers unless you ramp it down to 720.

As well as 360 degrees round and 90 degrees down, the CGO3+ can tilt up 15 degrees to get shots where we get 2 thirds sky / ground ratio, but the props are visible in this mode, which I don’t mind, because it is sometimes useful to see how much wind the hex is battling, and it’s cool to see what the props and motors are doing in flight. So that is why I include the odd shot with props and landing gear visible.

None More Black

It has been extremely hot and dry here for the last few weeks, and in the last few days there has been a fire on a heath that was tackled just before it cleared about a quarter of the main Heath Rd field, so that, the lake, and all the trees made for interesting things to see on the ground.

Spin Panorama

Yes I know, there are too many panoramas in this video, and you can get quite dizzy watching. Sorry about that – the amount of pans in my recent videos is directly related to my levels of joy at finally having a 360 degree continuous pan 4K camera at my command :) I will try and rein that in for future videos, but here I went a bit spin-crazy.

Future Missions…

Now we have what is looking increasingly like a reliable and trustworthy machine I will be planning some more impressive flight missions in the coming weeks – stay tuned !


Aero J