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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Blog, Video

Mystery Flyings Episode 1

For today’s adventure I thought I’d add some excitement in the form of some breaking and entering. Not really. Although it is fair to say they have made a reasonable effort to keep people out, certainly cars, I was able to walk in unobstructed, though mainly because I am quite thin, but was fairly confident the owners would be absolutely fine with it, I was certainly going to do no damage. It could be argued that were accidental damage to happen, then there’s possibly no less harmful place for it to do so, and it’s not going to cost anyone else anything to fix.

I had seen the area on Google maps, and was very much looking forward to a close ground flight round a disused limeworks, but Google had let me down, and everything was massively more overgrown and inaccessible, and newly fenced than their satellite photography had led me to believe. I had to miss out all the amazing rusting mining machinery they have dotted around the site.

Only feasible way in was now at far end of quarry by the 2 buildings you see in the flight vid, and I couldn’t really move outside that area. But they are quite good buildings, so in them I dutifully flew, testing my piloting skills to the max. Quad magnificently manouevrable even with no GPS support.

Had the control range to get right down in the main pit and fly along the sandbanks on the other side of the quarry, but didn’t, worrying that FPV would fail because of the dense trees interrupting line of sight, even with cloverleaf / skew-planar antennas.
Perhaps I should have risked it and relied on RTH to save me when it all went wrong…

It was all a bit ‘Hills Have Eyes’ at points, and eerily quiet. Everything human-made was pointy, though the only injury I incurred was thanks to nature and some ultra-hostile stinging nettles.

I need to be in the middle really to get a decent video record of the place before nature reclaims it entirely. Wish I could find the owners, and get in there properly. I can’t believe they’d mind.

It was very blustery indeed as soon as I broke the tree canopy, and there was no GPS to be found anywhere, so atti mode left me prey to all the breezes even at ground level and in the buildings.

Had to RTH it once when wind swept it speedily out of sight, and dragged it so high I lost all idea of where ‘home’ was, even though FPV video continued to work perfectly.

So because of all that wind, I feel a bit cheated on the spectacular high footage we could have got had the day been a still one, and I’d been able to get to the center of the pit.

I may try slightly harder for Episode 2 – footage from this video should show me the best way to go next time.