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Posted by on Feb 3, 2013 in Blog, Video

Night Falls

Floating in the half-light

For those who like their fly-abouts dark and grey and vaguely post-apocalyptic, but with nice shiny gold bits every so often, this should do the trick.

It’s a largely unremarkable flight other than that it is one in which I am not for once plagued with technical problems, and everything is going ¬†pretty much according to plan.

Fade to Grey

Yes, it’s dusk over Petersfield, and I am disguising both the GoPro2‘s rather hopeless low light performance and the fact that I am quite lazy, and got out of bed too late for the light, with some moderately arty (pretentious) VFX which serve to make the horrible graininess look vaguely intentional.

Annoying that on the one day there is virtually no wind, I’ve missed the light, but not to worry – flights were mainly rewarding, although a little short on battery performance. Yep, remember 2 weeks ago my Zippy Flitemax 5800’s both began flahsing 1st level failsafe pretty much as soon as they’d taken off after about only 20-cycles, and I had previously thought my Turnigy’s above similar behaviour. But for some reason today, all my batteries drained incredibly quickly – most flights were 2-3 mins, with the longest 4 ¬†1/2 on an 8000. So only 4 flights to choose from, and all of them short.

The Fixers and Fillers…

Music by me. Deshake by Google, Gameendings – shush ;)

Here’s some pics that aren’t in black and white, so enjoy those…

Winter trees. Good good.

Winter trees. Good good.

The lake, the town the lights, the sky... it might be grainy, but it's still winning.

The lake, the town the lights, the sky… it might be grainy, but it’s still winning.

Really quite high above Petersfield as it turn its lights on. That's 400 ft, or thereabouts.

Really quite high above Petersfield as it turn its lights on. That’s 400 ft, or thereabouts.