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Posted by on Jun 6, 2015 in Blog, Video

Old Litten Lane

Spring into Summer

From the ground at least, the weather looked perfect for a spot of flying half way through this week, and I thought it might be time to head up high to Stoner Hill, and see if I could capture the beautiful Spring greens along the ridge of the hill just outside Petersfield.

I only had 3 charged battery packs with me, so I knew my time there would be brief, but it was enough to gain some reasonable height and check out the view both sides of the hill crest.

The beautiful Spring greens of Stoner Hill

The beautiful Spring greens of Stoner Hill

Although there is a public footpath that runs through the fields and woods to the left of Old Litten Lane, I was especially delighted to randomly meet the owner of the surrounding fields as she checked on her horses, and was delighted that she gave me permission to take-off and overfly her land, so thank you very much to her for that.


I took off from the field closest to the footpath where the charming horses resident there had eaten the grass down to low level, making it the perfect launch spot. once in the air however, it became clear that the windless conditions on the ground were rather less so once I had climbed to tree canopy height, where there was a pretty reasonable breeze, but nothing that my TBS Discovery / Naza M combo couldn’t handle, and I enjoyed the 3 pretty much perfect flights of around 7-10 mins each.

Avoiding the wildlife

An audience of 2...

An audience of 2…

I was uncertain how the 2 resident horses would react to my flying machine, so I took care to avoid flying close to them, and indeed, as soon as I launched they ran off to the other end of the field, and watched my progress with cautious interest.

In the skies, several raptors flew by to see what my craft was, but because I was aware they were likely to have newborn babies nearby, I was careful not to fly in close proximity to where I thought they might be nesting, so they didn’t feel the need to attack my flyer, and returned to what they were doing once they had checked I wasn’t a threat to them.

Avoiding the Aircraft

I am always conscious that on such beautiful days there are a fair few small aircraft in the sky, so took extra care to make sure there were none in the vicinity before take-off. As it happened, during the second flight of the day a plane appeared over the horizon flying very low over the hills, and I immediately changed direction, lost height and navigated 90 degrees away from it to maintain the aerial safety, a strategy which worked perfectly and kept me well out of its way. It was unclear whether the pilot saw me, but I made sure I was not at a height that could have caused him problems.

Our reward was a good 10 minutes of usable footage, and some wonderful views over Ashford Hangars, and beyond. So all in all, a good session. I will return here in the Autumn to hopefully capture the amazing colours that kick in at that time of year…

Happy flyings

Aero J