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Heath Lake South

Posted by on Oct 4, 2018

Back from the brink… It’s good to be back on ‘Heath fly-site No.2 – I’ve been back here before since my return to the hobby, but we had video problems last time so I never published anything on that session. Indeed, there has been an unexpected gap in the flyings for about a month, because I had to send my camera back to Yuneec, and there was a lot of to and fro about what might or might not be wrong with it. They think there is nothing wrong, yet it continues to exhibit the ‘dimming flash’ problems in all 4K modes except one. Fortunately we have discovered that...

West Meon Valley

Posted by on Oct 4, 2018

The best -laid plans… It was a perfect Saturday afternoon – minimal wind, lots of bright sun, and I was out on a flying mission, having been told by a friend about how excellent Old Winchester Hill was. It sounded like the perfect place to fly ! Imagine my disappointment when I got there, having driven for about an hour, only to discover their ‘No Drones’ signs. Very disappointing that once again the most picturesque areas of the countryside are off-limits to the people best equipped to promote them. I didn’t contribute to their parking fund, and left to see what the landscape was like a mile down the...

Guildford Hill Glides

Posted by on Aug 28, 2018

Urban Sprawl Guildford was long overdue a visit from me, so pleased to be back on a sunny, windy afternoon to fly old aerial haunt The Mount, to the West of the town, and new fly site Pewley Down on the East, where we can get some pretty cool views of the town from way high, at a good safe distance, and do it all nice and legally. Not that this meant I was entirely safe, as it transpired… Location Location The first of today’s fly sites was an unknown quantity, but I had done my pre-flight research well, and had a very good idea of what was what...

Hampshire High Rise

Posted by on Aug 28, 2018

The Road to the Top I wasn’t planning on doing this flight, but my target fly site for this afternoon (a deserted building site) wasn’t looking very possible when I got there, so I found myself driving out of town and into the high hills of Hampshire looking somewhat opportunistically for somewhere new to fly… tried loads of places, but each location I explored had something about it that dissuaded me. Pylons, livestock, tree cover, access, rules etc, so on I went, again and again for about an hour and a half ! Scout Mode… Pretty much random chance intervened, and on the way generally back in a homeward...

Rogate Green

Posted by on Aug 28, 2018

New Fly Site Always on the look out for new and interesting places to fly, I’m always up for a little local exploration on Google Maps, and today’s searching found a small little recreation field on the outskirts of Rogate, Hampshire. It looked good on the map, so I went off to scout the location, taking my flyer with me rather speculatively, but hopeful it wouldn’t be too busy when I got there on a late Saturday afternoon. To my surprise it was deserted, and on arrival I had the whole area, land and sky to myself ! All about the Topography… So what have we got ? A...

Sky Light

Posted by on Aug 28, 2018

Power Down There has been a lot of rain recently, but I had battery packs that needed running down to storage charge, so I was very much looking for the gaps in it. Not brilliantly, as it turns out, as seen in this quick video, where I arrived at Iping / Elsted Common with a relatively bright sky, but by the time I had set up, a heavy cloud bank had moved in, was heading very much my way, and the quality of the light was quite muted and eerie. I decided to do my first flight while I thought the impending rain would hold off, and it did,...

Canopy Glide

Posted by on Aug 3, 2018

Up, up and away… I did that, and filmed it, but the bit I liked most was the journey ‘down, down, and back home’, where I had some battery pack to spare, so took a leisurely parade above the tree tops as I made my descent from a 400 ft pan, which the H handled flawlessly despite a constant stiff headwind. Nailed to the sky again, which is always nice. That Old Cricket Ground… As regular readers will know, Petersfield Heath Cricket Ground is my default practice ground, where I have town council permission to fly, except during matches, and the topography of the land makes it ideal for...

Halls Hill

Posted by on Aug 1, 2018

Drive-By Flyings Today, me and today’s spotter, Special Assistant Andy were off to fly secret hidden towers, but our plans were thwarted because there were loads of sheep in the field we didn’t want to worry. So back in the car we got, and drove about a bit, mainly around the Buriton area, until we found ourselves at the Halls Hill Car Park, one of the many entrances to the South Downs Way. Handy car park next to a lot of public fields that we had entirely to ourselves for the whole session. Site Assessment Even though it’s mostly open fields and whatnot, there are enough hazards about, and...

Harting Heights

Posted by on Jul 27, 2018

Freewheeling over Harting Down Another one of the places I am very pleased to have revisited is Harting Down, a very pleasant fly site, a largely unobstructed wide open field, only made Level 3 by the often turbulent and prodigious wind, and by the difficulty of recovery should things go wrong while you are over the edge into the valley beyond. But the careful pilot who goes on the right day, when the wind isn’t too bad gets rewarded by some epic views of the Hampshire countryside in the afternoon sun. Afternoon Artefacts I am beginning to see the wisdom of getting a neutral density filter set. As I...

High Gold

Posted by on Jul 26, 2018

Return to Elsted I’ve missed this place in my time of no-flyings, so it’s nice to be back. I didn’t get here sooner only because I was working my way back up to it, after all this is what I’d call a level 3 fly-site – massive wide space, but lots of obstacles at a range of heights, and massive body of water nearby to not fall into. Also a minor road to avoid overflying, sometimes there is low air traffic, and usually walkers / dogs on the common, although unusually I didn’t see a single one today ! I was utterly alone with my Typhoon H and we...

Water Works

Posted by on Jul 24, 2018

New Fly Site Alert Ever since curiosity got the better of me and I airwheeled my way down that lane down by Penns Place I have admired the view from the field that waits at the end of the road. We have a clear view all the way to Butser, but I couldn’t help noticing how perfect it would be for flying too. But I wasn’t flying at the time, so that plan was shelved for a while. But I am flying now :) There are a couple of houses there, but they are perfectly hidden by tree banks, so their privacy shouldn’t be affected by my presence. It...

Petersfield Pans

Posted by on Jul 23, 2018

It’s not a good idea (or legal) to film in town centers, where there are a lot of people, but for a long time I have been looking into other ways to get decent shots of my home town without breaking any rules. It all comes down to finding launch sites that are in exactly the right place – right on the edge of town, and I have been looking for those a lot recently. As you’ll see, I found 2 suitable sites, where I could launch in green fields with good tree protection, and more than 50 m away from any building, and 150 m away from any...