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Posted by on Nov 17, 2018 in Blog, Video

Patchwork Gardens

Almost a Home Ground…

Technically, this fly-site is the closest to my house of anywhere I fly, but despite one very successful flight here around 5 years ago with my Discovery Pro, I have been reticent to return because I don’t want to worry or harass the gardeners by flying there too often. The last thing I would want is for them to think I am spying on them, or up to anything nefarious, so I always go and talk to at least a few people of whoever is there and ask if they mind if do some aerial photography. Everyone has been very kind so far.

Tiny, tiny gardens from 353 ft above them…

Flight Planning

Although I didn’t seem to need it last time I made my close-proximity flight, this time one of the resident gardeners advised that I should probably ask for permission to fully overfly the site, which I will do in due course, but in the meantime I do remain free to fly in the large public fields next door to the allotments, which I do every now and then because I so much enjoy the aerial views of all those tiny gardens, which look like an intricate patchwork quilt from on high, and the awesome surrounding countryside, which includes the tiny little village of Sheet, some really outstanding trees, and a massive Golf course with an interesting lake…

Excellent trees. Don’t fly too low over them.

Again, I hope the key to not annoying the gardeners will be to not do this very often (monthly would be great !), but having spoken to lots of allotment owners and dog-walkers alike I don’t seem to be causing a problem so far, everyone has been very interested and supportive, which I am very grateful for…

Hopefully the gardeners themselves will enjoy my aerial views of all their hard work. I can only apologise to them that I am only showing what it looks like in Autumn so far, but if they remain happy for me to continue I will be back to capture the lots in their full Spring / Summer glory, and indeed when it’s all covered in snow ! :)

Level 2 Fly-site

Other things to be wary of include the railway line (don’t want to end up in close proximity to trains or large, compass-disturbing electric currents), the trees, which are at wildly varying heights, and the golf course, who’s groundsmen occasionally feel the need to open fire on unmanned aerial systems that venture into what they consider ‘their’ airspace.

Other than that, it’s a great place to fly, though not unchallenging if you are trying to avoid overflying the thing you are trying to film. But I did OK this time, and despite fairly dull overcast lighting conditions I got some really nice travelling pans and high spins that show off the location quite nicely, so that was me pleased.

Here’s an asteroid image of the site, and of course there’s an Interactive Panorama as well.

No need for DJI to get ‘asteroid’ shots like these ;)


See you next time

Aero J