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Posted by on Jun 15, 2015 in Blog, Video

Petersfield Heath Summer 2015

Rain stops, let’s go

Hello archaeologists ! And Summer. Join me for an aerial view of some of Petersfield Heath, replete with burial mound dig sites, and a bit of lake action. There’s also a golf course over there somewhere.

The Heath, both post and pre-rain

The Heath, both post and pre-rain

I say Summer, but not sun, as it had been raining all day (despite being the hottest day of the year) and this somewhat lucky flight is the result of me checking the weather every 10 minutes, and then running out with my RC gear to grab a skyfull in the singleĀ half hour in which rain had ceased.

Eye on the sky…

I can fly in rain, but choose not to on the whole, as it’s not much fun flying in the wet, and it also makes battery pack connections more sparky and unpredictable. But dry sky was mine for the whole session, despite rather impending clouds, and I had 3 pretty much perfect flights, of around 9-10 mins each on my Turnigy 5 amp power packs.

Kept the height relatively low as it was constantly threatening rain, and there were low flying helicopters about, although as it turned out I had the sky to myself…

Eye on the ground

The sky might be empty, but the ground isn’t. Loads of people around, as there always are on the heath, at most times of day. Also, a lot of free-running dogs, and a car park, roads and a lake to not fall into.

Stayed in the sky thanks to excellent performance by the Naza M V2, great GPS lock, and the absence of much wind, of which there was just 6 mph.

So that was 3 fortunate and rather rewarding flights…

Here’s some pics…

See you next time,

Aero J