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Posted by on Nov 18, 2014 in Blog, Video

Petersfield Xmas Lights 2K14

The Dark Side

Imperial forces, turning on Xmas lights - as they do these days...

Imperial forces, turning on Xmas lights – as they do these days…

Assumedly because it was the only day Darth Vader could spare, Petersfield kicked in its xmas lights in the middle of November this year, to the delight of anyone under 7. Aerocam was there in case anything good happened. I was quite pleased with the slightly unrelated decision to get a crew of fictional storm troopers and a dark lord in to switch on some xmas lights – if had been some low-rent celebrity I wouldn’t have even bothered turning up. Indeed it wasn’t sociability that led me there, but rather wanting to try out some new camera gear and techniques, and to record the xmas lights, which are normally quite good.

There and back again


Tasteful lights this year.

As it was, I kept being ejected from previously agreed filming positions by various official types, so having nowhere ideal to film from, didn’t bother staying to capture the actual switch-on, or whatever went on on-stage before it, but instead returned very late that night to complete my video with the newly turned on lights and no people. In fact I was having a great day with functionaries of all types – a security guard tried to ban me from Airwheeling Ram’s Walk as well, something I will defend the┬áright to do with quite some vigour, but at least I was allowed to film my time-lapses of the staging and failing light in the shopping areas where I was going for the moving ants time-lapse classic. I have written a letter.

All about Timing…

This video is mainly shot from a moving Airwheel but also features a few rotary pans of the setup and afterwards, done by sitting my GoPro on top of my new Ikea egg timer. Then I set it to take a photo every 2, 5 or 10 seconds, and set the timer to rotate usually <180 degrees, which takes half an hour, and is long as I can be bothered to wait at a single location :)

I quite like this technique, so also put together just some time-lapses in a quick little video of their own…

See you next time folks…