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Posted by on Mar 9, 2013 in Blog, Video

Pole Diving for Beginners

What no flyings ?

What the hell is going on ? Oh, shush.

I’d already been out with the hexcopter that morning, so batteries were still charging when the sun finally got its act together and appeared for the first time in bloody ages !

So really I was duty-bound to improvise a Heath Robinson-style pole-mount for my GoPro2 (broom handle, screw (waterproof case obviously) and I went down to Petersfield Lake (to the areas in which I have agreed not to fly because of all the people and animals etc) to see what was going on underwater and up-close-and-personal with the wildlife. In general, the wildlife didn’t seem to mind, although I was bribing it liberally with bread I’d previously sequestered from a passing child. Here’s some lovely swans.

It is possible to film swans extremely close if you have bribes, and keep your fingers out of the way.

It is possible to film swans extremely closely, IF you have bribes, and keep your fingers out of the way.

So what’s in the water ?

Nothing is what’s going on underwater; the lake has visibility of about 5 cm and is fairly cloudy / scummy water, so we can see almost nothing of the wildlife that is (promise) kicking its legs sometimes inches from the camera !

But never mind – there were other things to see, and I spent quite some time at the surface looking out across the lake, chasing rats (yep, there’s rats), annoying dogs, and trying to avoid getting any shots with children in them.


The best thing to do underwater was look up. Unfortunately I only thought to do that twice in a 3 hour shoot !

First time for everything…

It’s pretty shitty camera work from me if I’m honest, but I’m not surprised – this was my first time with a GoPro on the ground, and of course I could never see what was being framed on land and even less so underwater.

Not to worry though – it was a fun afternoon nonetheless, and I enjoyed getting non-aerial footage more than I thought I would.

Winter gold, and some rather pleasing clouds & water

Winter gold, and some rather pleasing clouds & water

Yep, still with the swans...

Yep, still with the swans…

So no aerial shots in this one at all, so think of it as a small break from the norm – a mildly diverting side-quest to my main mission.

Music by me, so no ┬ęCopyright bullshit reqired, and no adverts for you in the video. Winning.

I will be back with some kickin’ aerial stuff annoyingly soon.