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Posted by on Jun 2, 2014 in Blog

Sand Pit Grove

Sand Pit Grove

Stedham Common 3…

Another good flight session today – 4 good long 8 minute+ treks around yet another new fly-site ! To be fair, it’s a sand pit / lake arrangement we’ve seen many a time before, but never from this side, which allows us to go a bit closer to the working area with all the interesting machinery, and the surrounding trees and scrub present a nice range of things to see on the ground, and the small village of Stedham is just off to the left there. However the sand pit planners have done their job well – I can’t overfly their machinery because then I wouldn’t have line-of sight over the tree bank that was between it and me, but at height, I could go where I dared. Not far – never forgetting this is still a test flight session, so no directly overflying water or anywhere where I can’t get it back if she goes down…

But not to worry, the Naza Lite did another superlative job, with no problems at all during any of the flights, except twice (in over 30 mins airtime ) losing GPS for a second, and giving me an occasional red light from on high meaning it had lost a satellite or 2 momentarily. Control remained perfect throughout, and having recalibrated by throttle in the Assistant, hover is now 50% again, which is better than the 35% it was yesterday, and means descents are back to good old predictable ranges.

There was 10 mph wind on high, so my footage suffered a fair bit from the dreaded roll axis micro-shakes, and general instability during fast descents (as is unavoidable). However, I might try removing the foam skids, just to rule out them as a reason for those roll shakes and extra crosswind susceptibility. This would place the camera uncomfortably close to the ground, but I may be able to circumvent that when I’ve got a LiPo case it can take off from, meaning long grass won’t be a problem on take-0ff, though possibly more on landing unless it’s quite big !

Here’s some pics from today…


Will there be a video – there’s certainly enough usable footage to make one, but it’s all a question of time :)

Happy flyings