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Posted by on Sep 2, 2014 in Blog, Video

Skate Park AirTime

Twice the Moves

For the last 3 days I’ve been down at the Skate Park with my new flashy camera pole thing to get on film the various amazing skills I see going down whenever I pass there on my Airwheely adventures. I┬ápass there quite a lot because the Skate Park is between my house and the shops. Over the 3 days, my filming got better, braver and closer, and whereas in Part 1, the skaters are very much in practice mode, and the BMXers are pretty solid, it really comes alive in Part 2, where everyone really kicks it up a gear, assumedly to go with my drop-heavy monster-groove soundtrack ;)

Key players

Airtime. Literally.

Airtime. Literally.

I’m shit at remembering names, but I have to name Jim on his scooter and BMX as the star of Part 2, whereas Seb, him and Dave (?) and couple of others are ‘best of show’ in Part 1. We also get some nice moves in from some older riders, whose names I know absolutely none of. But well done them.

Airwheel Tracking

A lot of Part 1 is static, or filmed via hand-held pole, on foot, so I can track riders into and out of the bowl. But in Part 2 I venture onto my Airwheel and spend most of it chasing riders up and down the skate section, to great filming effect – the Airwheel gets me right in the action, and me and my GoPro3 can easily keep up with them if we both start at the same time. Later on, I revert to the on-foot approach, as the bikes are just moving too quick to do it any other way. During maybe 70 runs up and down the thing, my wheel didn’t let me down once, even as I circled the bowl, though not daring to go in it. Brilliant.

Skateboarders too...

Skateboarders too…

Everyone on the Skate Park wants one, or at least wants a go, even the ones that don’t ask, which is few of them. I did 3 more training rides today, on the stars of the videos above, so it was nice to give them something back for all their efforts on their various machines. My apologies to their parents, who might be on the end of 3 kids begging for Airwheels. Sorry. But if you do buy them one, then get it from They know what they’re doing.


If you are going to use that sort of soundtrack, then your FX better be up to it too. I was considerably helped along the way by GoPro’s helpful 48 FPS in SuperView mode and 60 FPS in 1080 wide, which made slow mo’s easy work, and framing good enough that I rarely missed any action pretty much wherever my camera was pointing. Then it’s into Sony Vegas MS12 for a quick colour grade, and fairly time-consuming, but hopefully worthwhile, edit and a hell of a lot of chopping about.

Here’s Part 2

Heavy Vibes

Daenine - Deformington EP

Daenine – Deformington EP

Thanks to Daenine for the soundtracks to both videos in today’s post. I love your work, bro.

See you next time, peoples, for another jaunt round something interesting.