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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Blog, Video

Skate Park – Episode 1

…in which I venture out into the world of people, and hover stuff around them while they do whatever they are doing. In this case, it’s Petersfield Skate Park, and the thing they’re doing involves BMX’s. They are quite fearless those guys, I was not expecting them to jump so high and willingly towards the spinning blades of death.

As this was a bit of a spontaneous mission (previously planned Devil’s Punchbowl AP mission aborted for various reasons) I hadn’t thought through any action camera moves, so it’s all a bit random for now, but they seem like a decent bunch of kids, so will probably go back there and do it properly, and then do a really good edit, not the sort of rushed out effort you’ve got here because I have to leave the country in 8 hours.

But I wanted to get something up from tonight’s flyings so here it is. Some good high bits over Petersfield as well, but it was windier up there than it was on the ground, so not the best footage in the world…

Music provided / donated / acquired (you pick) from one of my favourite collaborations of people – it’s Pendulum and In Flames with their equally brutal and lovely masterpiece ‘self vs self’. So let’s all enjoy those guitars as well as the BMXings.