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Posted by on Jan 8, 2015 in Blog, Video

South Coast Wind Glides

To the power of 3.

AeroJ there, in full Ninja Airwheel mode…

Yep – 3 vids of today’s extremely rewarding airwheel glides, one of them under rather extreme conditions. Not that you’d know from the video, but today I got my first real taste of airwheeling in wind so extreme I could lean back as much as 30 degrees off upright, and still get pushed forward on my wheel by it. Very helpful for recharging if you happen to be going in the same direction as the gale, but woe betide (pun intended) you if you’re going against it for any length of time, because that really is a weapons-grade battery killer.

So, your 3 videos start here with a cheeky glide round the Clarence Pier funfair, when it’s closed, but someone’s left the gate open…

Then it was off to the lifeboat jetty to film the sea that claimed my camera the last time I tried it, but this time it was tied down, and I got very much the sort of shots I was aiming for…

LastĀ up is the main vid for this post, which is up the top, obviously. That one is a pole-cam special, filmed at 60 FPS, and shows mainly my attempts to stay upright in all the weather, but makes for quite a rewarding video anyway thanks to the unique angles you get when filming from the end of a 26″ handheld camera pole.