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Posted by on Jun 17, 2013 in Blog, Slideshows

South Downs End Photo Blog

South Downs End Photo Blog

It’s the end of another sunny Sunday, and if you know me at, I’ll be up some massive hill, flying off the side of it.

Today is no exception. We’re at the end of the South Downs. I say the end. The end of this bit of them. We’re overlooking Didley and Cocking. Who thinks of these names ?

4 of these pics are screen-grabs from the raw unedited video – but which 4 ? Answers on a postcard, but not to me.

I can promise you some truly exceptional video tomorrow – but for now feast your eyes on this glorious bit of Hampshire, and the breath-taking clouds going on over it as the sun goes down on South Downs End…

You’ll find these rewardingly large and a lot of them.

See you soon