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Posted by on Jun 21, 2013 in Blog, Video

Spring Falls

The sun sets on Spring for another year

…and I’m up at Ditcham Park at the top of a very high hill. No change there then.

In celebration of it being almost the longest day, I arrived very late, and got in the air just as the sun was about to disappear over the horizon.

I’ve chosen this fly-site because I’m aware that the rotation problems I’m having whenever I move forward may lead to loss of orientation, and a range of circumstances that might culminate in a heavy landing, so I was after a location that had lots of the very best thing to crash into – and that’s corn, which surrounded me in most fields, like a velvet cushion, should it all go horribly wrong…

In theory and practice…

As it happened, although the yaw problem was very much in evidence, because I was expecting it, it wasn’t the end of the world to compensate for it and generally make the craft go where I want it to.

But I am still very interested in why this is happening. I don’t mind flying high over epic countryside, but I can’t be getting cool shots of river and the sea if I’ve got all that going on, so I’m sort of land-bound until I fix it.

It doesn’t happen all the time, but seems to occur most when I push more than 50% in a forward direction.

I have a theory about what is causing this. In the last crash, 2 of my arm extensions got bent. For the second time. One of them really badly. They are made of anodised 3 mm aluminium, and can be bent back with the aid of various pliers and vices, and this I had done before the most recent re-build. Not quite well enough, as it turns out. My vice isn’t big enough.

Today, after a very close examination I noticed that Motor 1 (front right arm) was angled 4-5 degrees left, and the right front arm was angled 2-3 degrees off axis towards the craft due to a subtle upward bend remaining on that plate.

You can see the damage to this front arm extension plate here... it twists slightly throughout the length of it, and scuffing is evident where I've gripped and bent it back into shape.

You can see the damage to this front arm extension plate here… it twists slightly throughout the length of it, and scuffing is evident where I’ve gripped and bent it back into shape.

I have fixed (bodged) the right arm by slipping a couple of tiny spring washers under one side of the plate mounting, and this has levelled the motor somewhat. It’s a temporary solution, and we’ll see if it works. If there is some improvement I can do the same to the other one to tilt that back in the right direction. Meanwhile, I need to find someone with ¬†massive vice that can squash them 100% flat. I really wish I could get new ones, but the only place I can find that will ship to the UK has been OOS for a year.

Quick, film it.

Ditcham has some great ground contours, but they are not so interesting to look at when filmed at 10pm as the light really is dying, hence I am biased in this video to shots of the sky, which went through an impressive range of colours on its way down, and remained quite bright right til the end of flight 5.

The Aeroxcraft gimbal continued doing its brilliant thing, but fell victim to the yaw problem, leading to some hilarious footage zig-zagging about the countryside as I tried to compensate.

Anyway – it’s a nice relaxing watch, so enjoy that, and I’ll see you next time…