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Posted by on Apr 30, 2014 in Blog, Video

Spring Heath

After the rain…

There has been a lot of rain recently, and this has very much disrupted the flyings, but today it stopped for the early evening, so pre-loaded up and ready to take advantage of any such break in the cloud, I drove down to the local heath to have a quick few flights as the sun went down.

AC1-V5.5 in the sky, where it should be.

AC1-V5.5 in the sky, where it should be.

Still on the rubber isolation mounts, but taking the time to carefully balance the craft every time a new battery pack went on, I was pretty pleased with the footage I got, which was mainly free of annoying vibrations you can get with an unbalanced craft, GPS mode, and any amount of wind.

Frustratingly, I packed up after flight 4, just before the ground mist really kicked in, but not to worry, I’ll be back here again before Spring is out, I’m sure; it’s one of the few places I’ve definitely got permission to fly !

In the meantime, we’ve got some nice relaxing sail-planing around the common, and some high views of the trees, lake and nearby golf course.

The Spring sun sets on Petersfield.

The Spring sun sets on Petersfield.

Ever interesting tree canopy

Ever interesting tree canopy

The fog is coming...

The fog is coming…







Flight-wise, aside from a small tendency to yaw right, I had flawless response throughout all flights, although full GPS lock kept dropping out periodically, even at height (1 red flashing), something most noticeable when I called a voluntary RTH which went first in one direction, and then changed its mind, altered course, and moved to the right place. First time I’ve seen it change its mind half way through an RTH.

Also notable was the time it took to find full GPS lock before take-off (around 5 mins longest). Normally a bit quicker than that.

Back next flight, hopefully nice and soon… and who knows from where ? Certainly not me…