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Posted by on Apr 24, 2015 in Blog, Video

Spring Rise

Long Time, no Fly…

It has been a fair few months since my Airwheel arrived and almost completely subsumed my aerial photography / flying adventures, but now Spring has sprung it would be most remiss not to wind up the flying gear, and head out into all this beautiful evening sunshine.

I’ve renewed my BMFA membership, completed the various tests and tightenings to make sure I still have a viable flying machine, and today is the first of 2015 that I’ve been able to head out and start the seasons outdoor test flights, before attempting more cinematic missions.

Safety First

And so to the local cricket ground, where I have permission to fly, and can safely complete my low level flight tests and ascertain which of my battery packs have survived the year. The good news was that 3 out of the 4 I tried still gave me a good 7-9 mins of flight time, but I had to bin one which had a dodgy cell that alarmed pretty much from take-off.

I’d been practising my slightly neglected flight skills on my also newly rejuvenated Ladybird 2, and was pleased to find that I hadn’t forgotten how to fly, and in no time was back to doing the sort of high speed moves that makes flying it so rewarding.

Good to be back up here...

Good to be back up here…

Control of the Naza 1M, flashed updated to version 2+ was as impeccable as I remembered it, and my faithful TBS Pro behaved flawlessly in GPS mode, and picked up its satellites very fast.

Flying the GoPro4

In another first, this is also the aerial debut of my GoPro4, which did a brilliant job, and combined with the Discovery Pro’s amazing vibration dampening system, and a decently set-up gimbal, my reward was some really smooth and detailed footage, although I wasn’t really thinking about cinematography in today’s tests. I hope YouTube’s compression doesn’t ruin it, but the results played back natively really are superb.

Petersfield Heath Cricket ground looking like it could do with a rain shower...

Petersfield Heath Cricket ground looking like it could do with a rain shower…

I was filming in 1080P, 50 FPS.

So, 3 perfect flights, and I’m ready for round 2 of the test flyings, where I can be slightly more ambitious height-wise, and have another couple of battery packs to test.

See you then