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Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in Blog, Video

Summer Sky Surfing – Penns Place

Up, up and away…

I haven’t been to my local fly field for a while, and as it’s one of the places I have permission to fly (thank you Councillors !), ¬†and there’s a ton of air space, it’s a good location to test range, and try for large sweeping cinematic moves without worrying about hitting stuff if you overshoot…

The one downer about this location is the tendency of everyone who flies anything to do so over the field – police, army Chinooks, gliders, private jets etc. But they do stop at about 8 pm, I notice, and apart from the normal passenger jets I don’t have to worry about, I had the skies to myself.

Straight Line Test

New front arm extensions on, new cables installed, and battery packs fixed, and we’re back in the air for a superbly uneventful flight, with no technical problems at all, and perfect craft response throughout. My rotor disc integrity has been restored it would seem. Now if I can just continue not to crash, that might stay like that.


The sky wasn’t doing much – a few clouds to start with that disappeared fairly quickly, so that by my 4th flight there was not a single one left in the sky…

So a fairly rubbish sunset, and I was left mainly to look down at the ground, and at the various buildings and trees lining the flying field.

But not to worry – it’s good to have some buildings on which to practice my cinematic moves, which today mainly involved trying to time gimbal drops well, and some lower track and rotate shots.

Exit light, enter turbulence

Between the GoPro3 Black Edition, which is admirably handling the low light (ProTune off, 60 FPS, 1080), and the Aeroxcraft brushless gimbal, which is admirably handling any craft wobbliness that might remain due to the wind, not being balanced (on the smaller battery packs) and duff piloting, I’m in safe technological hands, which are better and faster than my own.

My ratio of usable footage to airtime is going to be far better than it ought to be.

I could have made a video at least 3 times as long from just 4 flights. I’ve slowed a lot of it down to 30 FPS and sometimes, 45FPS, to smooth out any sharp turns caused by duff piloting and and a variable gains rotary that was set slightly too high…

Here’s a gallery.

And that’s all there is to say about that !

See you next time, hopefully somewhere a bit more exciting.