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Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Blog, Video

Sunsets and Spaceships

2 Flights today. Epic wind in the morning at Liss Forest. But horrible flying, and lost a (previously damaged) landing leg in the process. (Mental note: never trust superglue) so abandoned that, deleted the relatively tedious video, improvised and attached a new landing leg, and went out again at sundown to investigate some crop circles I’d heard about.

It is worth the 28 minute drive on the A272 to Winchester to get to the inexplicably named ‘Cheesefoot Head’, where there is a car park right next to some amazing high landscape, and as a double bonus there’s some crop circles to make the ground interesting. Unusually big danger factor from the air, of all places – several very low flying planes spotted, making this a level 3 fly site, I reckon – extra vigilance required.

If it is aliens, they’re not using lasers. They do have lengths of wood and rope though.

And the sun is going down, so we’re getting some golden hour goodness. My new favourite flying site :)

There is no need to whinge that I’m re-using soundtracks :) It’s the Moonbeatz remix of Nightcall again, because it sounds a bit spacey and I like it.

So, whilst we won’t waste our time pretending there might be any sort of alien involvement, we’ll definitely congratulate the humans involved on their work, and admire it from above, as is the tradition…

Admiring the view from above, as is the tradition.

New landing gear performed admirably, nothing else broke, oh except my FPV cam to TX cable, which required a full 10 minutes of jiggling to come back to life, and if I’m honest, cost me the best light of the session, but hey, I’m pleased with what I did get, and will be going back to do that again, from closer, and then the other side of the hill.

Lastly, we’re testing Google’s de-shake processor again whilst it is still the best chance I have of getting smooth footage until my 550 with dual-axis stabilization arrives…