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Posted by on Nov 1, 2014 in Blog, Video

Swan Dives: Episode 4

Four squared

Wot no gloves ?

Wot no gloves ?

It’s Part 4 of Swan Dives, and there’s 4 hungry swans that want what’s in my bag.

Originally I was filming for another video, and was airwheeling very slowly through lakeside areas heavily populated by birds, something that usually results in them moving out of the way with varying degrees of spectacularity, but today I was stopped dead in my wheely tracks by a full size adult swan that really wasn’t gonna move.

So I slowly kneeled down, just a foot in front of him, kept the cam rolling and retrieved my box of swanly goodness from my back-back. Any hostility and front the swan was thinking about deploying in my general direction quickly disappeared as he realised that I had the platinum-standard of things to eat…

Fight, fight, fight…

Much to my disappointment, swans are quite hostile towards each other, even when there’s plenty to go around. Big males push their young and females alike out of the way to ensure they get the bulk of the stream of pellets issuing from just behind my camera. And they’re not adverse to administering the odd arbitrary bite either, for no reasons I could see…

But I tried to make sure every swan there felt like it was worth the effort, and in return, they spared my fingers from injury, though sometimes not for want of trying…

Angles and Angels

We’ve done hand-feeding, we’ve got underwater, and now extreme close up – however shall we film them next ? But I will have the theme tune┬ásorted.

It’s a Bayonetta soundtrack again, with a bit of customary Daenine at the beginning, so let’s enjoy that, and watch those swans to their close-up thing.

See you next time folks, when it’s maximum Autumnal goodness and watery sparkles. So look forward to that…

Aero J