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Posted by on Nov 1, 2014 in Blog, Video

Tea, Cake & a View Episode 6: Halloween Special

The Dark Side

Prepare to be terrified, scAerocammers, as we journey to the darkside of the skate park armed only with a GoPro3+, a Waitrose Lemon Yum Yum, and a Fenix PD35 Light of God.

Also genuine ghost footage.
You can tell yourself it’s not real, but it is.

Gerald there, standing in for the cat, who just wouldn't wear the costume.

Gerald there, standing in for the cat, who just wouldn’t wear the costume.

The Lemony Center

The Yum Yums score… well I don’t want it to spoil the ending for you, but it’s a predictably good result for our lemony friends…

Please note that contrary to what it says in the video, this episode was not, in fact, sponsored by Waitrose (bakery counter staff or otherwise), no xmas fund theft has taken place, and indeed it’s fair to say they didn’t see this one coming, and certainly didn’t ask for it, let alone pay for it, so that’s all fine.

The Shameless blag

However if Waitrose now want to send me a massive crate of YumYums, or Macarons in appreciation of my diligence in reviewing, or indeed in gratitude for general brilliance, that’s also fine,and I am happy to Beta-test new ideas, or review those you have released into the public realm that I am so far unaware of. Nothing with nuts. Except almonds, if they’re on croissants.

That’s it from me, folks – I’ll be back with more mental swans, and an Autumn Sparkles airwheel vid that’s sure to chill you out for the weekend…