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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Blog, Video

The Autumn Sun

Maximum gold please.

Well it was certainly nice to see a sky that wasn’t entirely grey this morning, and it got better as time went on, so that as I arrived to meet a friend in Worplesdon at 2 pm it was making everything there look pretty stunning. This was Autumn at its best, and I was damn well going to be in the air recording it.

These trees contained 136 birds at the time of filming. 14 flew off half way through.

All the power…

With 2 lots of new 5800 maH LiPo’s and 2 massive 8000 maH packs out for testing, I was hoping for some flight time improvements, and there they were – in the end I got a good 7 minutes of fast flight out of the 5800s and nearly 10 mins with the 8000’s, so now, combined with the veritable arsenal of other batteries I drag round everywhere with me, I can be in the air for about an hour per session, which is about as much as I can concentrate on flying for, so that’s me happy.

A battery, yesterday. This one is nothing like the ones I use, but is less explosive.

JFX, I will hunt you down and destroy you forever

Or it would it be, had we not also seen the return of the dreaded jello-monster, who is stalking me at the moment like a video-ruining vulture, and hangs about over every flight I do until I eradicate it for good, which wasn’t today. New solution in place for tomorrow’s flight tests then. I’ve kicked out all the silicone gel chips under the cam mount plate, and replaced it with soft foam to see what that does.

And that’s a ‘No, thank you’ from me.

Had very very enjoyable flights today though. Hex felt confident and solid in the air, and aside from a few heavy gusts of wind on high, was very stable, and certainly wasn’t doing the Jello thing all the time, so I had lots of usable footage to choose from. In fact trying to get it down to 5 mins odd was difficult – I had a good few decent shots spare – will have to get them into a compilation at some point.

Nige got some great steady shots of the hex too (thanks mate), so despite the JFX, I’m calling that a really good day’s flying.

What is that sound ?

Me, playing a piano at some point. I would have used one quite like this to write the soundtrack to this video.

Yes, you are once more spared the relentless tedium of adverts today because it’s another soundtrack by me, from quite a complicated piano piece I was never quite certain was finished. I was happy with the bass line but I should probably re-record the drums at some point so they are not programmed, and make the strings better than they currently are. And the piano could be more expressive in places, but hey, I’m being picky, and it moves the vid along nicely, so we’ll go with it. If anyone cares, (or indeed if they don’t) it’s called ‘Cascades’.

More from me annoyingly soon I would have thought.

Thx for watchin’…